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Maritime transport

by:CNS     2021-07-12
Ocean transportation 2021-06-20 09:44:56 Ocean transportation is the key to international freight. According to the nature of its services, Guangzhou Freight Company can divide ocean transportation into three methods: liner transportation, charter transportation and bulk cargo transportation. (1) Liner shipping. The transportation company arranges cargo ships or passenger and cargo ships to transport goods on specified routes, between specified ports, and regularly scheduled routes, and announces the schedule and collects freight according to the liner rate. Therefore, liner transportation has fixed flights and routes. Its main advantage is: because the flight and route are fixed, it is helpful for customers to arrange the plan and work reasonably according to the schedule. The freight rate is fixed, which facilitates the customer's cost accounting and choice of transportation methods. It is conducive to the transportation of groceries and small batches and sporadic goods. (2) Chartered transportation. Chartered transportation generally does not have a fixed route and time, and it is mainly determined according to demand. Therefore, when the liner cannot be carried, the chartering method is generally adopted. It can choose different types and tonnages of ships according to the type and quantity of goods, so as to make full use of the advantages of special ships and large-tonnage ships. The chartering method is suitable for the transportation of grain, ore, petroleum, cement, coal, wood, etc. (3) Bulk cargo transportation. Bulk cargo transportation is to provide services exclusively for a certain shipping or within a certain period of time in accordance with the provisions of the contract. In addition, the type of ship carrying goods is very important in the way of logistics from Guangzhou to Harbin. The most common are general cargo ships, container cargo ships and ro-ro cargo ships. General cargo ship refers to a cargo ship that is not a container ship. It is used to carry large-size and special cargo, but its port operation efficiency is not high. Container ships adopt standard container transportation, which is used to transport several unit goods, which can limit and prevent cargo damage and cargo difference. This is conducive to loading and unloading goods and multimodal transportation (the so-called multimodal transportation is for decentralized transportation, using two or two The above different modes of transportation), which can shorten the docking time of ships and improve transportation efficiency. Ro-Ro Cargo Ship (RORO) is a necessary shipping tool. It is used for loading and transporting cargo on board and loading and unloading cargo on board by rolling up and down. Therefore, the truck can be driven on board, and can be driven off when it reaches the destination. Another type of cargo ship similar to the ro-ro cargo ship is a flat-bottom cargo ship (ⅢSH). The flat-bottom cargo ship has a tugboat parked on it, and the barge can be lowered when it reaches the destination. Barges can travel on inland waterways, which is very important for transportation in shallow waters. This article is from 817 reprinted please keep
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