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Micromarketing|Do you know the top ten psychology of consumers? (Top) CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-07
Micromarketing|Do you know the top ten psychology of consumers? (Top): 2018-06-15 14:45:00 First: face psychology Chinese people have a saying: To give others face is to give oneself face. Whether it is a store on Taobao or an independent retail store, where is your face? It lies in the overall layout and overall style of your store. Whether it can match your overall image (a prominent head-up), content (wearing a brand name), and service (communication etiquette), these are all your face, so you have to put these in place. First, analyze the form of consumers to achieve the communicative etiquette. According to some observations of daily sales, the following roles will appear when customers buy a product: 1. Advocate: The initiator of the product purchase. His face is recommended by me. It must be good. How can you cause others to recommend your product? This is a situation. 2. Decision Maker: It is the master. Is the man headed or the woman headed? Or is it the parent or the own? These can be found in the consultation process. Both men and women’s face parents need to take care of their own face. 3. Influencers: People who often make troubles and complain frequently. Try to minimize the influence of influencers, and companies take the initiative to influence them. 4. User: Will respond to various doubts and details that are not understood. The person who asked the question. 5. Follower: Only after seeing others have bought it, I will buy it and use it. And the head will say good people. Because Chinese people pay special attention to face, the products can be sold half as long as the face is achieved. Second: Herd mentality. Chinese people like to be lively. How to set off the atmosphere on the Internet is explained by numbers, so as to achieve the purpose of conformity. For example, why every store in Taobao Mall wants to make explosives is to arouse customers' herd mentality. Third: What is authority? National brand, certified, authorized by foreign countries, mentioned by media experts. First, the authoritative appraisal, the authority is not authoritative, definitely look down, that is the opportunity. For example, a simple Gu Sha board will have five certifications. It is only a certification of a testing nature, and there can be more: such as experts, celebrities, and examples of well-known figures. Fourth: Take advantage of the psychology Remember, take advantage of the psychology does not mean selling things cheaply. Rather, it said that packing l0 yuan of things into a value of 100 yuan, and then subtracting 50 from him, made him feel that he was enjoying a 50% discount. Someone will ask questions. It is difficult for consumers to have no valuation ability? With additional selling points, the product is unique to you, there is no comparability, and the price is not transparent. Refined product sellers such as the following aspects: 1. The product itself 2. The strength of the company 3. The production process 4. The consumer 5. The newspaper media report 6. The relevant certification 7. The history related to the tradition and the excavation of the selling point of cultural products, no matter what Without added value, the hype is also adding value. Fifth: What should I do if I don’t have a good grasp of the mentality of the three and four mentality, or it is called a post-insult mentality. Mainly rely on value-added services. When making products, you must be targeted, especially single products with good sales (returns and replacements). Also, within a specified period of time, there will be no sales when they run out. If you use it better, you can formulate activities based on the data.
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