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Mobile phone accessories to France by air Courier

by:CNS     2020-04-16
Mobile phones accessories refers to choose when to use directly related accessories, mainly includes the following, mobile phone film, charger, cable, mobile phone memory card, phone support, since the shaft, an external camera, mobile power supply, cell phone batteries, headphones, audio, etc. With the steady growth of the global handset shipments, mobile phone accessories market demand rapid growth, with the development of electricity, many consumers tend to online shopping, so the Courier export of mobile phone accessories business is also more and more. Global mobile phone accessories market is mainly divided into four areas: Europe, North America, Asia and the Pacific, and the rest of the region. The asia-pacific region is the largest mobile phone accessories market, is the second largest mobile phone accessories market in North America, followed by Europe. France as one of the five big market, mobile phone accessories market has huge potential. As the first choice for small batch export, international air express nature is well received by everyone, not just aging fast, and the price is low. Fedex air cell phone accessories to the French note: 1, France declared value under 70 francs express tax; Printing accessories 5 will be charged. 3% + 20. 6 the tariffs. For more than 2, 220 euros worth of goods can't through the customs clearance express way. 3, high value shipments of imports: the declared value is higher than usd 20 express, at the time of customs clearance must provide relevant documents to assist the recipient: if not in 20 received the reply to the sender or the recipient about how to deal with, the French customs will be on the buckle off thing to do a low cost in the following: 1) Returned to the sender, the product cost and all duties paid by the sender; 2) Destroyed at the customs, the sender need to pay the fees of 400 euros; 4, import to France's information equipment, the recipient must provide relevant departments awarded licenses. May, in accordance with the requirements of the French customs sent to France international EMS items class mail must provide the form to send a ticket Except for the old items) 。 6, sold to France's product packing list and commercial invoice must use French, including logo, not with should be written in French translation. 7, all sent to France, 法国) Goods, along with the cargo must provide a copy of the original commercial invoice, local customs don't accept to proforma invoice to clear the goods, commercial invoice with cargo declaration content must comply with the following requirements: 1) With shipper invoice need to use the information to order stationery production; 2) Invoice must declare the recipient details, details of the shipper, Company name, contact name, address, telephone, etc. ) ; 3) Invoice need to have invoice date and invoice number; 4) Indicate the delivery terms, 交货条件) And the goods country of origin ( 原产国) ; 5) Detailed invoice content must clearly declare each goods name, quantity, unit price, total price; 6) The consignor needs to have a signature and company seal. France in Western Europe, advantageous geographical location, with unusually rich natural and cultural. Last year the French customs released on September 22, 'plan' of France, aiming to make further simplification of the French customs formalities, is expected to these rules will help to promote the trade. Express mobile phone accessories to France, should not only know the destination tariffs threshold, also need to find a company with strong customs clearance ability, help solve the problem of customs clearance.
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