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Organizational form of LTL transportation

by:CNS     2021-07-03
The organizational form of LTL transportation 2021-06-20 09:19:48 Social production has different needs for the delivery time and method of LTL transportation, receiving and dispatching, loading and unloading, etc., LTL transportation adopts different operating organization methods, and these organizational methods have formed The basic organizational form of LTL transportation. Deciding on the organization method used for LTL transportation is subject to the needs of users on the one hand, and on the other hand determined by the vehicles used for LTL transportation. LTL trucks refer to vehicles for loading and transporting LTL cargo. According to the different delivery time of LTL trucks, the organization of LTL transportation can be divided into two categories: fixed and non-fixed. 1. Organization of fixed less-than-truck transportation.Fixed less-than-truck transportation is generally completed by fixed less-than-truck trucks. Therefore, the organization of fixed less-than-truck transportation is actually the organization of fixed less-than-truck trucks. Stationary less-than-truck trucks are usually called automobile less-than-truck transportation shuttles. This kind of LTL transportation shuttle is generally organized and operated based on the flow and direction of LTL cargo within the scope of operation, as well as the actual requirements of the cargo owner. The transportation vehicles of the Guangzhou-Shanghai logistics dedicated line are mainly van-type special vehicles, which implement scheduled, scheduled, scheduled, and scheduled operations. LTL transportation shuttles mainly operate in the following ways. 1) Direct LTL shuttle bus. The direct less-than-carload shuttle refers to a freight shuttle that consigns all consignors at the same arrival station and is suitable for loading less-than-carload goods in the same vehicle and directly delivered to the destination after being shipped in the same vehicle. 2) Transit LTL shuttle bus. The transfer type LTL shuttle bus refers to the various LTL cargo consigned by each consignor on the same route, different arrival stations and the nature of which is allowed to be loaded at the official departure station, and the same vehicle is loaded to the specified transfer station, after unloading, reloading, and recombining the new A kind of freight shuttle bus to the destination. 3) LTL shuttle buses along the way. The LTL shuttle bus refers to the various LTL cargoes that are consigned to the same line and different arrival stations at the departure station, and the nature of which is allowed to be equipped. After the same vehicle is loaded and unloaded, the LTL cargo will be unloaded or loaded at each planned stop along the way. Continue to move on, until the final terminal of a kind of freight shuttle. Among the above three operating modes of LTL shuttles, the direct LTL shuttle is the most economical, and it is the basic form of LTL transportation. This form has irreplaceable characteristics: ① It avoids unnecessary replacement operations, saves transit costs, and reduces The workload of the transfer station. ② It reduces the operation of cargo at the transfer station, which is conducive to the safety of transportation and the integrity of the cargo, reducing accidents and ensuring quality. ③Reduce the transit time, increase the delivery speed of less-than-carload goods, and help accelerate vehicle turnover and material allocation. ④There is little time for assembly in the warehouse to be shipped, and the utilization of the warehouse space is fully utilized. 2. Organization of non-stationary LTL transportationThe completion of non-stationary LTL transportation is realized by the organization of non-stationary LTL trucks. Non-stationary LTL trucks refer to the temporary organization according to the specific conditions of the LTL cargo flow. LTL trucks, usually used on new LTL transportation routes or seasonal LTL cargo routes
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