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Shipping knowledge - — The single way ( On) Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-18
2018 - 07 - 09 14:43:00 ( A) Electric discharge put popular point is the shipper don't have to get the bill of lading, the consignee pick up the goods on the strength of the identity certificate of a form of release cargo. Its operation and ordinary bill of lading release cargo on the bill of lading fill material and bill of lading confirm stage exactly, just to get the bill of lading phase difference, and listen to the following to be: release the procedure is very simple, fill a fax ship company release the application. Don't think this is a common application, the qing, please clearly specify the rights of you give up to get the bill of lading. After the signature and seal, you don't want to talk to the ship company to bill of lading. If you have got the bill of lading, I need to change and do electricity to put, that you need to put a full set of bill of lading to the shipping company and then fill in the release the application. Don't pay, of course, is not someone do telex release for you, you have to pay money into two pieces, one is the electricity fee, our company is RMB 115, I didn't ask other company. Second, all the prepaid expenses, it can include file fee, THC, CIF include sea freight. So, it is recommended that when faxed application forms and release the best active water single is also a piece of the past. This has the advantage of needless to say. Tell everyone a good news, now the shipping company to do telex release don't need to send a telegram, EMAIL will do. You can ask the shipping company in the EMAIL CC to give you a at the same time, so that you can put the electric information in the first time inform the consignee. Here remember when I first got into the company colleagues say a joke, q: why can't Africa some port electricity put? Answer: because there old blackouts. In what kind of situation will be someone to do telex release? Goods such as southeast Asia, the bill of lading is not for good, the goods have to port, release the very common; And the bill of lading has not come for example because of a variety of reasons, the goods have to port, in order to avoid the storage charge of the goods at the port of destination, shall not choose telex release; Can do is to remind you of all countries in the electric put, according to my experience, Cuba, venezuela, Brazil, these countries can't be done telex release. But also not so absolute, in XX port, for example, if your consignee in local work miracles, the ship agent at the port of destination, release the notice will be out for the guest a bill of lading for customs clearance. Can't, not not! The commonly used English words related to RELEASE the two: there are so TELEX RELEASE ( 及RLS) And SURRENDER. TLX RLS Chinese people understand, but foreigners like wasn't common, they generally use the latter. SURRENDER the word generally submitted throughout the &; A solution, but in the maritime industry HAS a special significance, SHPR HAS SURRENDERED OB/L AT OUR SIDE” Means that the shipper do telex release. So it is recommended that you deal with shipping company careful SURRENDER this word.
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