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Special cargo how to calculate the sea freight?

by:CNS     2020-05-03
For special cargo calculate according to the general cargo shipping freight? How to calculate the problem of ocean freight? Small make up sorting out some special goods in the use of container at the time of shipment, the calculation of ocean freight, for your reference. ( 1) Unitized cargo liner companies tend to conform to relevant regulations and requirements of the tariff and follow the unitized cargo, LCL cargo shipping preference on the freight, when calculating the freight, should deduct the weight or volume of the pallet itself, but the deduction cannot exceed unitized cargo ( Goods with pallet) 10% of the weight or volume, beyond the part still according to the rate applicable to the goods on board collecting the freight. But, for the whole case check unitized cargo, cannot enjoy preferential freight rate, and the LCL cargo board when calculating the freight is generally not deduct the weight or volume. ( 2) Furniture and luggage for container loading in the furniture or luggage, besides assemble into boxes to loading container, should according to the content of the container product collecting 100% of the freight and other related expenses. The rule generally applies to moving objects. ( 3) Clothing when clothing in mount way when loading in container transportation, the carrier usually only accept the whole case goods yard a yard ( CY / CY) Transportation way of transition, and by the shipper to provide the necessary costume packing material such as coat hangers, etc. Freight is calculated based on 85% content of container product. If in addition to mount in the clothing, but also with other goods, clothing is still at 85% of the cases of collecting the freight, the rest of the goods according to the actual collecting freight volume. But when the total billing volume tank capacity more than 100%, more than part of its freight free. In this case, the owner shall be provided by the carrier agreed that the goods measurement certificate issued by the notary organ. ( 4) Returning the goods goods refers to the port of discharge or delivery of the goods after unloading after a certain time from the original carrier mouth authentic port or point of origin of the goods. For this kind of return goods, the carrier usually offer certain preferential freight, for example, when the goods at the port of discharge or delivery to six months after discharge of the original carrier back to port of authentic or point of origin, for the whole case goods ( The original box) Return freight according to 85% of the original freight collecting, LCL cargo, according to 90% of the original freight collecting return freight. But the goods at the port of discharge or delivery costs happened to detention by application square burden.
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