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Stone ship generation export operation process

by:CNS     2020-05-17
1, the establishment of the export ship file file: prior to accept custom, establish export ship file file, content: the name of vessel, voyage, estimated date of departure. 2, gate-in terminal board system: (1) dock receipt ( A total of 11 league) By the shipper or their authorized level freight forwarders board system. (2) booking: export audit gate-in terminal, such as can accept custom, in the dock receipt of fifth, six, seven, eight special seal cover documents, the purpose, the rest of the return booking. Suitcase eqc department provides the immovable gate-in terminal and the suitcase application, issue export container equipment receipt. Suitcase person by export equipment handover one-way empty containers container yard extraction with empty boxes for export. Chapter 3, packing, cover approach: packing may be in the yard or shipper factory/warehouse, packing shall be made after the packing list. After packing the goods, to deal with the container seal and container number, good seal, delivery receipt number fill in the entry station in 6, 7, 8 league. Export &heavy into operations, after the customs control terminal/port/terminal on the dock receipt 6 al cover chapter comes into play and fill in the date. 4, food system dock planner list: accept booking, according to the content of the dock receipt to make container dock planner list, according to the pier/shipping company and contractor before the time of shipment send port and other relevant units, in order to dock ship stowage arrangements. 5, accept the packing list: booking will be packing list/export department, export department check the packing list of the cases, seal no. , bill of lading number, etc and dock receipt 6 after having confirmed the content of the agreement, in the dock receipt 6 al cover shipping order to declare special rule.
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