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Structural characteristics of container ships

by:CNS     2021-07-03
The structural characteristics of container ships 2021-06-20 22:19:03 Container ships are also called container ships or container ships, and their features are as follows: (1) The cargo hold and deck are both loaded with containers. (2) The cargo hold opening is wide and the cargo hold cover is strong. (3) Most are single-deck structures. In order to ensure the strength of the hull and increase the torsional strength, the hull is designed with double bottom and double-hull side structures, and a torsion box structure is set on the top of the double side. (4) In order to prevent the cargo box from moving and fixing the cargo box, there are grid-type shelves in the cargo hold, and a base and lashing bridge are arranged on the deck. (5) The loading and unloading efficiency is high, and the cargo damage is small. (6) The main engine has higher power and higher speed. 1292
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