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Summary of Railway Logistics Transportation

by:CNS     2021-07-04
Summary of railway logistics transportation 2021-06-20 16:10:09 Modern logistics has developed relatively early in developed countries abroad, and is currently relatively mature. Analysis of its development experience and lessons has a good reference for the planning of my country's railway logistics center . This chapter analyzes and studies the development status of railway logistics centers at home and abroad, and summarizes its useful reference to the planning of modern railway logistics centers in my country. 1. Take Japan, Germany, and the United States as examples to analyze the development status of foreign logistics centers, and analyze their different characteristics: Japan and Germany are led by government planning, responsible for basic environmental construction, and supported by enterprise operations to ensure logistics centers The plan can not only better meet the national plan, but also ensure better operational flexibility due to the operation of the enterprise, which promotes the rapid development of the logistics center. The United States adopts a market-oriented mode of operation. The construction and development of logistics centers is entirely a market behavior, and the government's role in it is relatively small. 2. Taking the Bremen Logistics Center in Germany, the Verona Freight Village in Italy, and the Texas Union Logistics Center in the United States as examples, the development status, development mode and operation mode of foreign railway logistics centers are introduced, and they are generally equipped with a relatively large scale of construction. Large, realizing multi-modal transportation, government overall planning and construction, corporate operation and management, comprehensive functions, adopting high-tech management methods, and focusing on environmental protection. 3. Analyzed the current development status of my country's logistics centers from the geographical distribution of economic regions, provincial spatial distribution, types of logistics centers, and construction and operation conditions, and through analysis, it is concluded that the current development of my country's logistics centers lacks comprehensive and targeted development. Planning and management, and the unreasonable spatial layout structure, and most of them rely on the construction of important national infrastructure such as large ports and warehouses, and the industrial structure is single. In addition, some logistics centers do not have clear functional positioning and market positioning during the planning and construction period, which are blind to a certain extent, which also causes the operation of some logistics centers in my country to be unsatisfactory. 4. Summarized and analyzed the successful experience of the construction and development of railway logistics centers at home and abroad. The construction of railway logistics centers has an important role in improving the regional logistics system, promoting the development of the national economy, and strengthening regional integration cooperation, which is specifically expressed in the modern logistics system It plays an irreplaceable role in the development of the regional economy, has an obvious leading role in regional economic development, and the construction of railway logistics centers has a strong foundation and public welfare. The construction and development of railway logistics centers should first carry out macro-level layout planning and railway logistics center development. Construction and development need sound theoretical support.
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