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Warehouse security

by:CNS     2021-07-16
Warehouse security 2021-06-20 21:31:24 Warehouse security is an important task of warehouse management. It must be highly valued by warehouse leaders. A leader should be identified to be responsible for the security work, establish a sound security system, and Corresponding security organizations and full-time security and security organizations shall be established. At the same time, a mass security and security organization shall be formed with the participation of personnel in the library, surrounding units and residents. The warehouse security network formed by these three organizations will have a very important impact on the security work of the warehouse. (1) Establishing a security guard system in the warehouse area. The warehouse must do a good job of security. According to the size of the warehouse, guards are set up to be responsible for the guard duty. The personnel, vehicles, and goods leaving the warehouse must be inspected, verified and registered; outsiders, Vehicles must be approved by the relevant leaders or departments, and accompanied by personnel from the library before entering the library area; night duty personnel must do a good job of patrolling to prevent damage or theft of the goods. (2) Develop warehouse confidentiality rules. Guangzhou logistics company should regularly conduct confidential education for warehouse staff; it is strictly forbidden to disclose the nature, location, area, affiliation, staffing, variety and scope of supply of the warehouse to unrelated personnel; the warehouse's secrets; All kinds of documents, receipts, etc. should be properly kept to prevent loss; it is strictly prohibited to discuss warehouse-related matters in private communications, telephone or public places; outside office or visiting friends must move within the specified scope, and it is strictly forbidden to move around in the warehouse area. (3) Establish a patrol inspection system. Establish a daily patrol inspection system. When warehouse staff are off work, they should pull off the power switch, close doors and windows, and seal the door locks; when they go to work, check whether the doors, windows, and locks are abnormal, and only unlock them when they are not abnormal. Into the library. (4) Realizing the development of electronic computer technology and electronic technology for safety monitoring has promoted the scientific and modernization of warehouse safety management. Warehouse safety management will definitely break through the traditional empirical management model, increase the scientific and technological content of safety management, and rely on scientific and technological means to promote Apply storage safety monitoring technology to improve storage safety. The development of computer technology has promoted the reliability and intelligence of various storage safety monitoring equipment and sensors. For example, a human CPU chip is built into an ordinary probe to make a smart probe, which can continuously measure the physical quantity changes under the environmental conditions of the probe. All data and parameters are sent to the CPU. Compared with the set value, the CPU can calculate its corresponding value. Optimum setting value, and revise its response value to environmental changes. Smart probes can also measure interference effects and factors according to a given structure and algorithm to eliminate the influence of interference factors. The smart probe can compare the fire characteristic curve parameters stored in the probe with the characteristics of the fire on the spot to eliminate the influence of changes in the surrounding environment. Another example is the new generation of distributed intelligent ion smoke alarm probe, which can predict fire according to environmental changes. Send a signal to the central fire alarm controller for further possible situations, and can judge the pollution degree and aging degree of the detector, so as to eliminate false alarms and improve the reliability of fire forecasting.
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