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We pay attention to air cargo transportation of dangerous goods?

by:CNS     2020-07-18
We pay attention to air cargo transportation of dangerous goods? The continuous development of air cargo have left many people have more choices than ever before. For example, you can buy some less sensitive than this time products, rather than buy fresh fruit imports. These are the result of the development of air cargo, so at the time of transportation of dangerous goods should pay attention to what? Commissioned by airfreight market has been transformed from simple commodity transportation for transportation, warehousing and distribution. Express logistics is perfect in the Courier industry, its services tend to be diversified, can attract more potential customers. Air cargo co. , LTD. , as the main products in our field of vision, according to the weight, the nature and number of a batch of goods transport. In recent years, the air carrier changes, not only refine the air carrier operations, and provide better services, so the market potential is huge. Since its inception airlines in guangzhou, it has been leading the market development trend, can rest assured choice. Air freight now developed, can in a short time delivery, to provide more efficient service. Shanghai air freight co. , LTD. As a professional company of air cargo company, favored by customers. Must pay special attention to transport of dangerous goods, this is a link to attention. Before the transport of dangerous goods, it is necessary to check the transportation object, and according to the national standard production, in order to ensure transportation safety. Among them, the lithium battery is a common transportation products. It is prohibited to transport safety of defects or damage to the product, otherwise it will lead to the lithium battery short circuit. In the actual production, the manufacturer's requirements are relatively high, must ensure that the quality of the products. Transport of dangerous goods, should also look at packaging. Each must have a strict packaging requirements of dangerous goods. In addition, also depends on packaging containers and materials is in accordance with the requirements. If you choose the product does not conform to the requirements, could lead to fire, leakage, etc. If you encounter these problems, we must it is prohibited to transport to avoid an accident. As air cargo company staff, must be strictly is responsible for the inspection of goods. There is before shipping, air cargo companies also need to check whether it is prohibited to transport of dangerous goods dangerous goods. It is necessary to carry out its detailed classification and marking, and correct fill in dangerous goods transport document. Must have detailed transportation agency, because of the dangerous goods transportation is closely related to the agent, and also must be rules for the implementation of the related responsibility. Above is the introduction of air cargo of dangerous goods, there are a lot of link need to pay attention to the air freight of dangerous goods, must pay attention to the eligibility checking transportation products, reduce the risk of accident.
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