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What are the advantages (air transport Below)

by:CNS     2020-07-13
What are the advantages (air transport Below) In daily work, often encounter some owners don't know their goods should be by air, by Courier or by sea. The reason is that all kinds of transportation mode ( Air, sea, railway, highway, pipe) Is still not clear, the characteristics of the advantages and disadvantages of various transportation means is unclear. Next, the Shanghai international freight forwarders co. , LTD will continue to expound the advantages of air transport to you. A, the flexible air cargo air freight is not limited by geographical condition, Unlike ground transportation is limited by the strict line) , can reach any free port in the world. Even airports is small city, but can be by air-land arrived quickly and efficiently. Especially in recent years, with the development of the world aviation industry, especially the rapid development of China's air transport, a large number of the construction of the new airport, air transportation become more convenient and economic. Air cargo flights, on the other hand, is very dense, there is plenty of choice space, have all cargo aircraft, there are a large number of aircraft belly space, there are regular flights, also have irregular flights, and have a fixed - Routes, and the fixed route flights, charter flights, etc. Second, good air cargo transportation safety, less damage to the goods of modern international civil aviation aircraft flying height is in commonly 10000 meters. At this altitude, flight is very stable, the flight is very small, the flight time is short, can effectively reduce the damage rate and error rate of the goods. Especially for fragile and perishable products, it is more suitable for transport by air. Packaging requirements may be low, and to a certain extent, also can reduce the packaging cost. Three, air cargo transportation cost is high, the price is high freight calculated on kg, price is significantly higher than other modes of transportation. Compared with other modes of transportation, this is the most unfavorable characteristics of air cargo. Air delivery, therefore, especially suitable for light weight, small size and high value goods, such as electronic products, medicine and many high-tech products. Four, air transport to transport objects have more special request, for example, the number of particularly large and the value is not high not suitable for air transport of goods; Long, ultra high, large, overweight, etc. Products are not suitable for air transport. Compared with the transport, even large all cargo transportation and large goods, such as the bus was dwarfed, more higher than big bus goods not air freight. For a magnetic, batteries, oil, liquid, powder and so on of transportation of the goods, it is necessary for identification. Air transport requirements more strict, and shipping requirements is relatively loose.
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