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What are the advantages (air transport On)

by:CNS     2020-07-13
What are the advantages (air transport On) In daily work, often encounter some owners don't know their goods should be by air, by Courier or by sea. The reason for this is that any mode of transport, Air, sea, railway, highway, pipe) Features are unclear, the advantages and disadvantages of various transportation means is unclear. The Shanghai international freight representative company what are the advantages for you on air transportation. A, air transport speed obviously. The international air transport is usually in 1 - Arrived within 3 days. If it is a direct flight in a few hours to ten hours. If you need to transfer, for example, if China does not directly flew to South America, it will be sent to you by the United States or Europe, usually 3 - 5 days. Air is sensitive to time, be applicable to the special demanding of the goods. The speed of air transport is not only the speed of the plane, and is a short route ( Relative sea) 。 The plane is basically & other; Straight line & throughout; Flight, not restricted by geographical conditions. Speed + short, two factors to ensure timeliness of air transport. Second, air transport distance short this is confusing, air transport of short distance is very short? How is the United States, the same journey shorter? This is relative, especially in the case of transport. When you go to China to New York, for example, if you go to the beach rather than through land transportation in the United States, you will have to bypass the central of the panama canal. Greatly increase the transportation distance, far more than air transport & other; Straight line & throughout; Flight distance. Another example is the gateway to Europe's maritime transport, usually to the southwest, through the strait of malacca, across the Indian Ocean to the west, arrived in the gulf of Aden, through the red sea through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean Sea ( In southern Europe) ) , to the west across the strait of Gibraltar, then in the northeast, you can arrive in Britain, the Netherlands and the Nordic region. The sea must go through several rounds, so far distance. Slow + long, two factors, lead to transport time is short. Third, the basic construction period is short, investment which is relatively less, especially in railway and highway transportation. Because the air transport only needs to build the airport and the necessary navigation station ( Except the plane) , and ready to sail, it can be put into use. Railways and roads, especially highway and high-speed railway construction requires a lot of road construction cost, this is not only the high cost, and subject to regional restriction, the investment cycle is relatively long, often take years. On the other hand, the civil aviation for city or region's social and economic impact is also very obvious. Air transport developed area often are more likely to attract investment, clear and easy to develop competitive advantage.
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