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What are the advantages and characteristics of the air transport company?

by:CNS     2020-07-15
What are the advantages and characteristics of the air transport company? Now the rise of the logistics industry produced a lot of new industries, and promote the development of the industry. Previously, we only know that air is loading or other aspects. Rarely think of full-time send logistics. Next, Shanghai air freight company will introduce you to air transport company of the advantages and characteristic. A, fast delivery since the birth of aviation, air transport is famous for its speed. So far, the plane is still the most convenient means of transportation. Ordinary jet economic cruising speed is about 850 - every hour 900 kilometers. Convenient transportation greatly shortened the commodity at present, about the perishable and mutable fresh products; Time sensitive seasonal newspapers and seasonal products; Transportation emergency and emergency supplies. This function is especially outstanding. Can say, of the rapid increase in the global air transportation network is likely to make our long-awaited new products into the market long distances, let consumers can enjoy more benefits. Rapid transportation speed and short time also to reduce the risk of carriage of goods. As a result, many valuables and precision instruments often used in the form of transport by air. In today's fierce competition in the international market, air transport companies to provide rapid service also enable suppliers to immediate response to rapidly changing markets abroad, fast readily marketable products, in order to achieve better economic benefit. Second, is not affected by surface condition whatever geographical conditions, air transport is used natural channel of the sky. Very suitable for poor ground condition, the traffic inconvenience inland regions, is conducive to the export of local resources, promote the development of local economy. Local and international air transport links, extensive external radiation, air transport is not very suitable for road transport and rail transport rather than road transport. It certainly is suitable for small size, small area of the region's external transport. Three, safe and accurate compared with other modes of transportation, air transportation security is higher. In 1997, the international airlines flight has carried out 18 million times, only 11 major accident happened, risk is about one over three million. Airline transportation management system is relatively complete, low rate of damage to the goods. If the goods is by air container transport is safer. Fourth, saving packaging, save other fees due to the choice of the ways of air transport, cargo short service life, revolving speed, the company inventory can be reduced. On the one hand, is in favor of the recycling of capital, reduce interest payments, on the other hand, the company's storage costs can be reduced. Moreover, due to aviation security and accurate delivery of goods, goods and the damage to the goods is very small, safety cost is low. Compared with other modes of transportation, air transportation packaging is simple, lower packaging costs. All of these constitute the enterprise falling hidden costs and benefits of increased. Air transport has its limits, of course, mainly because the air transport costs are higher than other modes of transportation, is not suitable for low value goods. Aircraft capacity is limited, a lot of or a lot of cargo has certain restrictions; The flight safety and simple, affected by bad weather. But on the whole, with the wide application of new technology products tend to be more thin, lighter, shorter, smaller, more valuable. Managers pay more attention to the timeliness and reliability of transportation and trust for air freight will be higher. Some characteristics of the development prospect of above is air transport. To be able to quickly development is not without reason, but it is also the trend of The Times. Due to its particularity, speed, convenience, etc. , it can transport a few not by other means of transport of goods. Above is the introduction of the Shanghai air freight company can do for you, I hope to help you.
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