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What are the air transport of dangerous goods ( 3)

by:CNS     2020-05-27
The carrier side - Accepted for dangerous goods transportation, loading and unloading, and storage, equipped with management. In recent years, in the field of air transport market is very competitive, so that the airlines more than mid-level cadres. Speak will benefit. As long as it can improve the economic benefit, what method can be used. In this case, the traditional & lsquo; Heavy guest light goods & rsquo; Ideas have changed a lot, many operators as if suddenly found that, oh, the original freight has such a big benefit! Both can reduce the investment, and can improve the plane load factor, at the last moment to create high benefit. As a result of goods became the object of the airlines compete for, the ingenious methods for supply of goods. But neglected the vital, for the airline is not a day don't talk about the problem of & ndash; Security. Such as clothing export Russia, vacuum pressure were used to reduce the size of our goods; Shenzhen to Beijing live fish with a ton of VAT and psa unit to ensure adequate oxygen; Exports of plastic lighters batch is large, inert gas and not trusting the owner said to check carefully. And as on April 12, 1999, Qingdao to guangzhou flight SZ4632 carry a ticket goods, found in unloading machine packing damage, toxic liquid leakage, the present work of 17 different degrees of poisoning, luggage, goods have been around different degrees of pollution, dangerous goods after investigation this ticket is in accordance with accepted general cargo transportation. On October 10, 1999, changchun to Beijing flight X2518 vote for dangerous goods transport, cargo discharged back to the warehouse, the warehouse of the radioactive substance detection device alarm, then after Beijing health epidemic prevention station and 401 testing, to determine the activity this ticket goods 15 Curie, close to human body will have serious consequences, the incident caused by the public security and departments attach great importance to environmental protection. Through the investigation, in case the shipper fails to deal with concerned formalities in accordance with regulations of the dangerous goods transport. On April 14, 2000, on the northern airlines flight from wenzhou to Beijing CJ6256 10 630 kg declare commodity for & other; Clothing, accessories & throughout; Goods, the one with yellow radioactive substances class II label, department of transportation grade for class II radioactive material & hellip; … So many safe hidden trouble, airlines have responsibility? The carrier will also require rules and standards of behavior. Therefore, legal system of perfecting our country's air transport of dangerous goods is urgently needed. Business training in the past decade, air transport of dangerous goods type increase exponentially. According to incomplete statistics, in 2001 in Beijing alone, or the amount was more than 4000 tons. Not all personnel involved in the work through rigorous training. Include shipper, sales agent, packing agent and ground transportation loading and unloading workers, truck drivers, etc, many people lack common sense, as it should be more a lack of legal awareness. I don't know how to do? What you should bear the responsibility? According to iata DGR in regulations on shipper's responsibility, the shipper must be trained in air transport of dangerous goods. Unfortunately, the current domestic several major dangerous goods in case the shipper fails to pass the necessary training. Domestic at present, on the other hand, although there have been several units opened the transport of dangerous goods training course, but the use of the teaching material is not the same, teachers also have differences, all certificates are less uniform. Some agents are often violates the relevant provisions of the civil aviation administration, using the name of the shipper shipment of dangerous goods. They thought in violation of regulations, nobody found out just fine, don't know it is illegal. In north China and even in a certain hazardous work conference, when the host says it is illegal to transport of dangerous goods in accordance with the provisions, not to major accident, the audience of the agent in someone laugh. Because there is no government department in charge of hazardous to the shipper, the agent qualification examination and approval, no one to check whether they are trained, whether licensed certificate, actually there is no effective management to them, would be tantamount to drift.
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