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What are the air transport of dangerous goods ( 5)

by:CNS     2020-05-27
Build system of accident reporting system and the inspector is a guarantee for the safe transport of dangerous goods. Early detection, early correct treatment can reduce or eliminate dangerous goods accident losses, can reduce casualties or not. Therefore, any staff involved in the air transport of dangerous goods found leakage of dangerous goods, packing damage or irregularities, irregularities phenomenon should immediately report to the relevant departments. Received a report of the department shall immediately take the necessary measures to process correctly. Found the accident and not report, receiving accident report and do not take appropriate measures are illegal behavior, should be punished. Inspector system is a nip in the bud before the accident. In the name of the country's employ senior experts as inspector. To detect from dangerous goods classification, packing inspection, collector inspection, warehouse storage, clearance of fittings to aircraft loading and unloading of the whole transport process each link such as the implementation of strict and effective supervision. To all personnel in violation of the laws, regulations and rules of dangerous goods by air or phenomenon timely report and processed according to legal procedure. Work to ensure that the air transport of dangerous goods in accordance with the requirements of the laws, regulations, methodically to ensure transportation safety and flight safety. Review and approved professional appraisal institution, in order to determine the nature of the goods, to determine the applicable packing and load regulation. Approval number of packaging container manufacturers, production of UN standard packaging container to supply transportation production needs. At this point, the original civil aviation college professor ma name had put forward the preparation of civil aviation & other; The goods laboratory & throughout; Imagine, very insightful. But the execution involved in system, mechanism, capital and other aspects, really not easy. So fostering, review, or approval of a number of goods property testing institutions, with reference to the unification of the international civil aviation transportation industry standard for the approval of our packaging container manufacturers and packaging container inspection standard is imperative. First of all, can meet the needs of practical production, created when qualified civil aviation & other; The goods laboratory & throughout; The necessity of developing should be. The current domestic air transport of dangerous goods should be referred to the agenda. The author, published last year that 'should be timely open dangerous goods domestic air transport'. Mainly because of the demand of the domestic air transport of dangerous goods market is too big, growing too fast. If do not use persuation method, the possible accident. To specify one or two have the ability to carry dangerous goods on its domestic routes of the carrier vessels carrying dangerous goods, or carrying some categories of dangerous goods. In order to transport channels, prevent artificially false, false name. Put an end to hazardous entrainment in the general cargo, cause potential safety hazard. Set up a national air transport of dangerous goods expert committee. With the international civil aviation organization and international air transport association experts to conduct exchanges, research. Explore policies and regulations, and advanced technology, equipment, training of teaching all subjects related to the transport of dangerous goods. Answer and solve various problems encountered in the actual production. Summarize and improve the laws and regulations.
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