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What goods are generally shipped by Japan FBA?

by:CNS     2021-07-18
What goods are generally shipped by Japan FBA? 2021-04-22 09:12 What, cargo, general, from, Japan, ocean shipping, FBA, current, ocean shipping, currently, ocean shipping may be the mode of transportation commonly used in various countries. Ocean transportation is the main mode of transportation in international logistics, which refers to transportation by ships between ports in different countries and regions. What are the main cargoes shipped by Japan FBA, and how to clarify the characteristics of shipping? What kind of goods are usually shipped by sea? At present, the main cargoes transported by sea are raw materials, mineral products, steel, grain, and crude oil. Large quantities of cargo should be shipped by sea. Ships can carry thousands of tons of cargo, or even thousands of tons. Except for daily necessities, most products are mainly sold by sea. After all, shipping accounts for 80% of global trade. Marine types: Shipping can be divided into liner transportation and charter transportation according to its mode of operation. Characteristics of passenger ship transportation: (1) Liner transportation has fixed time limits, routes, ports of call, and relatively fixed freight. (2) Liner freight includes unloading costs, therefore, ships are responsible for handling port operations. (3) The quantity of cargo transported by liner is relatively flexible, and the cargo owner can reserve the transportation space as needed, especially for general cargo and containers by sea. Class freight refers to the basic freight and various additional charges stipulated by the liner. The basic cost of transportation can be divided into two categories: traditional transportation cost of groceries and container transportation cost. Advantages of ocean freight forwarders: 1. Avoid additional expenses. 2. Avoid the trouble of repetitive declaration. Third, the trouble of the second inspection. 4. Enjoy free warehouse, customs clearance and contract turnaround time. Disadvantages of the Maritime Trade Association: 1. Compared with the number of days for land transportation, the transportation time is longer. 2. The freight for part of the transshipment arrangement is higher than that of the land carrier. 3. Compared with land freight yards, the inspection standards for unpacking in dry ports and customs offices are often stricter. 4. It is more troublesome to replace timely contracts by customs officers of import and export factories.
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