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What goods to provide air identification? Air transport appraisal report contains what content?

by:CNS     2020-08-15
What goods to provide air identification? Air transport appraisal report contains what content? As the air freight requires a high degree of safety, especially when using abdominal compartment passenger freight, so some air cargo need appraisal report, appraisal report what is shipped by air? What goods must provide air identification? One sentence summary is whether the air freight cargo cannot be obtained with hidden dangers or unable to correct classification identification of the goods need to air appraisal report! What is the full name of Air appraisal appraisal called Air Transport condition Identification Report, English called Identification and Classification Report for Air Transport of Goods, commonly known as Air appraisal or Identification. What goods to provide air identification? 1. Magnetic goods according to the requirements of IATA902 international air transport agreement from 2 on the surface of object to be tested. 1 m in any magnetic field strength should be less than 0. 159A / m( 200nT) Before they are used for general cargo transport ( The outbound goods identification) 。 Items contain any magnetic material goods will produce magnetic field in space, so you need to magnetic goods safety checks to ensure flight safety. 2. Contains the liquid and gas goods such as: some instruments may contain rectifier tube, thermometer, pressure gauge, pressure gauge, mercury switches, etc. 3. Chemical chemical goods all kinds of chemical air typically provide appraisal report. Generally can be divided into dangerous chemicals and general chemicals. Air freight is common among ordinary chemicals. Which can be in accordance with the general cargo transportation of chemicals, the chemical must have general cargo air appraisal to the carrier, which prove the goods belongs to common chemicals, not dangerous goods appraisal report. 4. Oily goods such as auto parts may be equipped with fuel or residual fuel engine, the carburetor or fuel tank; Camping equipment or equipment may contain flammable liquids, such as kerosene, gasoline. 5. The goods with battery cell classification and recognition of more complex. Battery or contains 4 battery products in air transport. 3, VIII, 9 classes may be a dangerous goods, so you need to by air to identify the products. For example: electrical equipment may contain batteries; The lawn mower, golf cart, wheelchairs and other electrical equipment may be equipped with a battery. Air transport appraisal report contains what content? Transport of goods generally includes the goods name and its corporate logo and grant the main content, the main physical and chemical properties, by transport the dangerous characteristics, identification of content according to the laws and regulations, emergency disposal method, etc. Purpose is to provide transport unit is directly related to transportation safety information.
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