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What is heavy cargo, and what is the cargo?

by:CNS     2020-05-31
Throw goods and cargo, popular speak be lighter goods. What is the heavy stuff? What is the cargo? It should be said that this issue have different means of transport have different ways to distinguish, the distinction between railway less-than-one carload should be 500 kilograms per cubic meter, railway express transport of goods is at liberty, air freight is usually 166 pounds per cubic meter, the distinction between highway are usually 330 kilograms per cubic meter. Of course domestic large logistics companies because has the different classification of the different mode of transportation, without a fixed standard. Actual weight is less than the volume weight, basically this is heavy cargo. Volume weight is greater than the actual weight, this is the cargo. Calculation formula for cm unit is three high multiplication later to calculate the volume weight divided by 6000. B: A: the actual weight volume weight = length * width * height 6000 cm/if A > B that is not bulky cargo, on the other hand is bulky cargo.
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