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What is the difference between air freight and international express delivery before both

by:CNS     2020-07-21
Air cargo and international express delivery before what is the difference between the two as foreign trade, receive orders, or when sending samples selected shipping method is commonly international air cargo and international express delivery, so what is the difference between the two? Just different mode of transportation? Today we are together to get to know the international air cargo and express the difference! Applies a small batch of goods of different less than 45 kg usually USES the international express delivery, more than 45 kg batch goods usually adopt more international air freight. The body of the second international express transportation subject is the main express companies, such as EMS, DHL, UPS, FEDEX, etc. Main international air cargo transportation is the major airlines and shipping companies, such as Air China, Singapore airlines, shenzhen airlines, northwest airlines, etc. The freight company by air company to check the goods transported to the specified destination. Three different international express service content: listed by the Courier company, customs declaration and clearance, the package delivery. Consignor international air freight, delivery to the airport, to place by the agent of the consignee or the consignee to the airport to to the warehouse, customs clearance, pick up a series of processes. Note that the tariff link two logistics forms are not included. Four different aging international express: normal time limit for 3 - 5 days. International air freight: in normal flight and space arrangement under the condition of smooth, can be in direct flights a day to reach; If you want to transfer, usually in 2 - 4 days to arrive. Aging speed was mainly affected by the following three factors: 1, the efficiency of the transportation company and strength; 2 the airport flight schedule; 3 destination customs clearance speed. Five documents files require different international express: usually many goods together to customs clearance, express customs clearance channels. Only need the invoice, but need special files to provide other documents. International air freight, it is necessary to provide customs clearance documents, such as customs declaration a power of attorney, export customs declaration form according to, invoices, packing list and certificate of origin and customs clearance documents, be short of one cannot. Six claim way different international express: if the recipient found the parcel is damaged, the problem such as goods, can a visa. From the date of shipper to take within a month, in a written form to the shipper and destination countries express company to apply for the claim. International air freight: one thousand cargo damage or loss occurs, the first thing to trace is the responsibility of the liability of the carrier or agent, and then under the terms of the air waybill, points on the back of the waybill and basis of goods weight to calculate the compensation. Both logistics way you distinguish? When we send samples or delivery to the client are compared, and consider more choose the most appropriate way.
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