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What is the transportation of air transport goals?

by:CNS     2020-07-12
What is the transportation of air transport goals? Domestic air transport business: passengers, baggage, cargo and mail, midway and arrive by air within the territory of a country. Domestic air transport mainly on domestic routes, but if domestic segment contains international routes, the domestic air transport can also be conducted on the domestic sector. According to different target of transportation, domestic air transportation companies into the passenger transport, baggage, cargo and mail transportation. 1. Passenger domestic air transport: refers to the domestic routes on the passenger transport and domestic routes on domestic routes of passenger transport. According to the number and identity, can be divided into groups of passengers. Important passengers and passengers in general. Groups of passengers 'refers to a group of 15 people. They take the same destination and at the same time take the same flight. Important passenger is a certain status and passengers with special needs in terms of safety and service. All passengers except groups and important passengers on domestic routes of transportation is called the general passenger domestic air transport. 2. Baggage domestic air transport: refers to the passengers in the travel for the sake of convenience in carrying goods. According to the responsibility of the transport and management, divided into checked baggage, hand-carry baggage and the carry-on. The carrier has fill out the baggage check and hung or paste the luggage tag. The carrier is responsible for and carry baggage referred to as checked baggage. Hold different categories and levels of adult or child ticket passengers can carry a certain amount of baggage free of charge. If the baggage in excess of the prescribed quantity, the rate for excess luggage shall be in accordance with the provisions, the cost of delivery. Carry-on luggage; In the luggage, subject to consent by the carrier, the passenger in the process of transportation is responsible for the luggage is called self-help baggage; Subject to consent by the carrier, the passenger carrying sporadic small items as hand luggage; In order to protect the civil aircraft and the life and property safety of the passenger, various kinds of guns and police equipment, ammunition and explosives, inflammable and explosive materials, poisonous crystals, antioxidant, corrosive substances, radioactive substances, have peculiar smell, easy pollution plane or luggage, cargo, mail and ferromagnetic objects cannot transport or carry as baggage. In addition to the control tool of other tools or blunt not as carry-on luggage to carry. 3. Domestic air transport of goods: according to different traffic demands, the goods can be divided into escorts, emergency cargo, special cargo and general cargo domestic air transportation. To escort the goods is because of the particularity of the goods need to pay special attention to in the process of air transport and supervision of the goods. Express mail is refers to the carrier agreed to the request of the shipper, check the goods after receipt of the goods to the fastest speed or the fastest speed, or within the shortest period of time the goods to the destination.
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