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What items are in international freight transportation?

by:CNS     2020-08-07
What items are in international freight transportation? In international air express delivery, there are several can't deliver content objects, roughly divided into three types: ordinary products, more sensitive products and prohibited items. General product: to put it bluntly, generally belongs to ordinary products, no more sensitive products, prohibited item. Is generally defined as no international famous brand and well-known brand replicas, timber, tobacco, powder, batter, liquid, food, drug, rechargeable batteries, with magnetic objects, CDS, and is more sensitive to books, genuine, flammable and explosive items, weapons and equipment and other prohibited items. Taboo: banned items, many international organizations and international Chinese transport items are strictly prohibited. All the individual behavior of the class objects involved are all illegal prohibited item easier to identify, such as arms, chemicals, powder, pure liquid, inflammable, explosive materials, need frozen meat, fruits, jewelry, valuables, drugs, magnetic products, with compressor of air conditioning products, etc. Post the class object is prohibited. The definition of sensitive products: sensitive commodity more multifarious. Popularization, it is common products and intermediate products. This is a general term, would involve or illegal control involves some prohibited item. Actual including, but not limited to the following seven: 1, all kinds of food, drugs, such as: the objects involved in biological invasion, the international air cargo must sign qualification certificate, if not to carry out the quarantine permit, may be sensitive to all kinds of ingredients are all sensitive item 2. Unstable objects such as liquid, paste and powder: this object in the process of air cargo is very volatile, because the physical explosion caused calorific value, but also the limits of the gas. ( This protects skin to taste the majority) 3, rechargeable batteries, rechargeable batteries to a certain extent, will affect the electromagnetic field of electronic signals, influence the civil aviation safety, belongs to the airlines limit carrying objects, but it's not a banned items, must be based on unique processes for transport, such as DG client certificate. 4, all kinds of famous brand goods, luxury handbags, this kind of new project key involving infringement disputes. In fake fake brand name of the article and countries are all legal infringement. 5. With magnetic objects: magnetic field in the high speed sailing in the whole process is very easy to cause electromagnetic waves, or their own electromagnetic field images of electromagnetic fields can affect the aviation data signals, carrier signal is a new project of civil aviation security. 6. CD: such as print, film, photos, records, films, tapes, laser disc, computer storage media and other effects in the station of national politician, economic development and moral or social culture involves the secret. 7, gold and silver, precious works of art, such as: the valuables easily caused by theft, looting, etc.
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