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What should I do if I encounter general average? CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-03
What should I do if I encounter general average? :2015-12-17 11:32:00 General average definition: refers to the special damage directly caused by deliberate and reasonable measures taken for common safety when ships, cargo and other property encounter common dangers during the same sea voyage. A legal system in which special expenses sacrificed and paid are shared by each beneficiary in proportion. Only those losses that really belong to general average are shared by the benefiting parties. Therefore, the establishment of general average should meet certain conditions, that is, maritime hazards must be common and real; general average measures must be intentional, reasonable, and Effective; the loss of general average must be special, abnormal, and directly caused by the common loss measures. Case: UASC container ship 'Al Riffa' (13,500 TEU, built in 2012) and MOL 'San Felipe' (8,700 TEU, built in 2014) collided at the berth of Port Klang, causing cargo chop on the front of the two vessels on fire. After the 'Al Riffa' caught fire, it was towed out of the berth in an emergency. The local fire protection agency of Port Klang stated that the accident occurred at around 8pm local time on October 29th. Regarding the accident, Bernhard Schulte Ship Management issued a statement last night stating that the container ship 'San Felipe' managed by the company was berthing. During the mooring operation, he had contact with the container ship 'Al Riffa' which was at anchor. When the accident happened, the pilot was on board. After the collision, the front cargo stacks of the two ships caught fire, some of the cargo was thrown into the sea, some of the cargo was damaged, and additional expenses were incurred in Port Klang. Processing result: As the MOL SNFE0442W collided in Port Klang, after the domestic shipping company received the exact information, it immediately notified the first generation, and the first generation forwarded the shipping company’s mail to the document. I received the information. Communicate with customers at a time. What customers worry most is whether there are any problems with the goods. Now it is necessary to deal with general average. Before the general average is processed, customers at the port of destination cannot carry the box. The specific operating procedures are mentioned in the attachment of the email. To put it simply, there are two situations: 1. Insured customers: 1) Ask the consignor to fill in FORM A, 2) Provide a commercial invoice for the value of the goods as a voucher, 3) Let the insured party fill in FORMB; in fact, this can be given to The insurance company will handle it. 2. Uninsured customers: 1) Let SHIPPER or CNEE fill in FORM A, 2) Provide a commercial invoice for the value of the goods as proof, 3) Need to pay a certain deposit. Regardless of whether you are insured or uninsured, you can contact PIC for the specific handling plan, including the information that needs to be provided, and whether the goods are damaged or not. We are not clear about the specifics here. Thank you for understanding. Enlightenment: 1. First of all, we must inform the guests, secondly, appease the guests, and again tell the customers what to do and how to cooperate. 2. Whether it is CIF goods or FOB goods, you must buy insurance. 3. Don’t be lucky. If the customer is CIF goods and the shipper or forwarding company does not buy insurance, the general average must be borne by the shipper or forwarding company. In this process, it is necessary to determine who is responsible! 4 If there is a general average, please inform the insurance company you bought the insurance as soon as possible to avoid additional demurrage and overdue charges in the port of destination due to the late notification of the insurance company! 5. What if in a common accident If the goods are damaged, the insurance company will bear the consequences.
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