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When shipping to Canada from China by sea, there

by:CNS     2020-07-01
The bill of lading refers to various aspects, the requirement of the content, attentions, classifications, operating process and so on. To learn in details, according to the regulations, the bill of lading should be written down with the following options: the goods' name, mark, quantity, weight, volume and the statement for dangerous goods. Besides, the name of carrier, vessel, shipper, consignee, loading and unloading port and the date of accepted goods in loading port. Next, according to different standard of classification, bill of lading can be divided into many types. Based on whether goods have been on board or not, it can be divided into two types: one is Shipped B/L or On Board B/L, and the other is received for Shipment B/L. From the first condition, we know that if carrier sign and issue the Shipped B/L, which is to confirm that one has put the goods on board. Generally, it needs to mark out the shipping date in the bill of lading. For the second condition, it means the carriers have received the goods delivered by the shipper but still not shipped on board. In general, being lacing of the shipping date and name, the bank won't accept this kind of bill of lading. As it would bring many risks for the transportation, buyers won't accept this way in the trade practice. Based on the modes of transportation, it can be divided into Direct B/L and Transshipment B/L, Through B/L and Multimodal Transport B/L or Intermodal Transport B/L. Direct B/L means that after the goods shipped from the port of loading, it cannot be transshipped in the halfway until delivered to the port of destination. Transshipment B/L means the cargo needs to be transshipped in the halfway. For the Through B/L and Multimodal Transport B/L, they consist of two or more types of transport modes which also bring you a lot of convenience. After explaining the most common-used types of ocean bill of lading, one may feel a little confused. Since it is of great importance to have an understanding of it, people would say they can make the bill of lading with the help of international freight forwarding agent. It is a certain thing that would be made easier with professional service, but one still need to offer necessary information. Just like one need know the cost or time of shipping China to Canada, we have to offer some related information first. Therefore, one should keep patient and focus on the importance of related information on ocean shipping.
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