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Which are commonly used in international air transportation packaging general provisions and requirements

by:CNS     2020-08-14
Which are commonly used in international air transport packaging general provisions and requirements of air transportation and international air transportation, high requirements for security so also has asked for packing. Air transport packing also has different requirements for different kinds of goods, such as the size, nature and weight of the goods, they have different demand for air transport packaging. Therefore, we should according to the different nature of the goods with different packaging and packaging materials, to prevent the goods due to a variety of packaging and damaged. The international air cargo packing 1 general rules and requirements. Complete packing should be strong, and can prevent packaging rupture, leakage and lost during the transit. Protect the goods because of the accumulation, friction, vibration or pressure and temperature change and damage or deterioration; Prevent the aircraft operator injured or pollution, ground equipment, and other items. 2. Packing in the advanced materials ( Such as sawdust and confetti) Can't leak out. In addition to using paper bag packing of the goods ( Such as documents and materials, etc. ) And all shipping the goods should be packed in packing belt. It is forbidden to use straw bag or straw rope tied up the goods. 3. Packing should be suitable for the nature, status and weight of the goods, and easy handling, loading and unloading and stowage. Nails that project from the outer surface of the packaging can not have, hooks, etc. ; The packing should be clean, dry and oily be soiled, no smell. 4. The packing of the goods to be used for bundling belt should be able to withstand the full weight of the goods, and to ensure that cargo was not broken. 5. If the packing of the goods does not conform to the relevant provisions of this manual, the shipper should be to improve the goods before shipment or packing again. Four common international air freight packaging requirements 1. Carton: it should be able to afford 3 m or 4 layer the same packaging of the total weight of the goods. 2. Packing: thickness and structure should be suitable for safe transport of goods; Equipped with wooden valuables, precision instruments and fragile items can not have corrosion, bug eat by moth, defects such as cracks. 3. Baskets and baskets: they are tight, neat, solid, continuous and does not have any stripes. The dimensions should not be more than 50 & times; 50× 60 cm, piece should not exceed the total weight of 40 kg. The goods and the content of the liner materials should not leak out. Should be able to afford 3 floors high total weight of the same kind of goods. 4. Iron drum: the thickness of the plate should correspond to the weight of the goods inside. The total weight of single 25 100 kilograms of small and medium-sized steel drum should be 0. 6 - 1. 0 mm made of iron, and the total weight of single - 101 180 kg of large steel drum should by 1. 25 - 1. Iron is made of 5 mm. In short, if want to undertake international air freight, the shipper need to know before the goods by air regulations should be how to packing, need special packing or use carton packaging, etc. , so there is no need to repackage the shipper or improved, because the packaging does not conform to the regulations.
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