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Why do you say big international air freight agent and upgrading has arrived?

by:CNS     2020-08-20
Why do you say big international air freight agent and upgrading has arrived? In the past 2017 years, popular is the explosion of the upstream air cargo. Many of my articles have been read each circle of friends, these articles are closely associated with the explosion of the stock. Due to continuing the shortage of upstream airlift capability can't ease in the short term, air freight agent should be a profitable industry. Why do you say big international air freight agent and upgrading has arrived? 1. Fewer and fewer customers in normal circumstances, the traditional pattern of air freight agent mainly have two types of customers. We call it is a type of direct customer industry downstream of the so-called traditional manufacturing factory or trading company. Another is the middle reaches of the logistics company. In recent years, with a large number of manufacturing one after another to leave the pearl river delta, in fact the number of the whole factory has greatly reduced. Many stay in factory to cross-border e-commerce transformation. Let alone a trading company, the first to engage in cross-border e-commerce company is a trading company. After the customer transformation for cross-border e-commerce, trade is one of change order dispersion and small express logistics demand continues to grow. IT is to the logistics company in revenue collection ability, network layout, IT systems, the respect such as sorting operation put forward higher requirements. The traditional aviation agency model has been from Hong Kong to Hong Kong's air freight department. Responsible for customs clearance, booking and hit a floor operations, accustomed to the relatively simple batch operation mode. In fact, it's no advantage in the operation of the goods receipt and, because it can cultivate a large number of operating personnel, establish a large sorting station, connect all kinds of the cost structure of system and complex system. In fact, a large number of cross-border e-commerce sellers of goods supply concentrated in small package, express and logistics company special line service. For the upstream industry of air transport agent, arrive directly to the end of e-commerce sellers customer feasibility is not high. Because e-commerce sellers need to be more comprehensive logistics solutions, rather than a single point-to-point transportation. All air transport agent faces a common situation: the original plant type customer groups are transformed into today's special lines and logistics company. At present, only a few engaged in special line and small packaging logistics companies do better in the market. From this perspective, this actually means that all air freight agent facing the customer less and less. 2. A customer's increasing number of a railway company must have at least a few tons of cargo every day in their hands, or the cost of air freight, customs clearance and delivery will not decline. A few is a little bigger size line company appeared, and every day more than a dozen tons or even dozens of tons. The rapid development of the cross-border e-commerce lead to these special lines and parcel logistics companies continue to surge in the number of in the market. Although the number of customers less and less, but more and more the number of individual customers. The number of customers less and less, peer customer share is becoming more and more big. Many charter flights from upstream of the industry to visit our company and air parcel agent. Many people initially asked me to help introduce some special line company. In fact, I calculated with your fingers, on the market only a few small lines of private companies. As more and more air freight agent supported by several large railway company, in fact more transparent and competitive. Because the airlines to all agents sales policy and the cost is almost the same. At the same cost price, the carrier is airlines. You say you are good at service, but in fact, it's usually a mistake. Only is the air transport to competition between agencies and airlines, long-term accumulation of network resources. 3. Industry restructuring has begun to have a large number of users dedicated resources and the sources of company scale continues to grow. A few will go directly to integrate the upstream of the industry, and select the contact airlines directly. More special line, however, the company still need air transport agent as airlines in the middle of the bridge. Many special line company directly as the customer, in fact, they have accounting period, and their cash flow is actually relatively tight. However, if you directly contact with airlines, you need to pay a large amount of the deposit, settlement period is usually about 15 days. So from the point of view of capital turnover, it is not cost-effective. In the future, more international air freight agent will in fact play to help private line imprest fund and the agent company. It has become a dedicated procurement outsourcing transportation departments of the company. Help line company integrate more aviation position of board space resources, and provide agent for booking and the board of directors. The whole air transport agent industry profiteering era is over. Although the overall market, cross-border e-commerce promote air cargo will continue to grow. In fact, the risk of the whole industry growing, rise and fall of a core line customers directly determine the survival of the air transport agent. First-class air transport agency daizhuang has entered the stage of batch price competition. Rely on the resale of air transport prices to make profits secondary or tertiary air transport agent is quickly disappearing. In the future, air transport agency will greatly reduce the number of the industry's big reshuffle has come.
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