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CNS International Charter Service


The first batch of CNS international air cargo and mail charter aircraft for medical protective materials will be loaded with more than 50 tons of masks, respirators and medicine, etc., from Shanghai international airport to Europe, the United States and other places.

The first charter flight consisted of two flights: from Shanghai to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with a payload of 25 tons.Shanghai to Chicago, with a payload of 30 tons, took off from Shanghai at 18:01 on April 28, and arrived in Chicago at 17:20 on April 29.

The CNS charter flight service effectively enhanced the company's international air cargo capacity, further expanded the company's international cargo logistics channels, for the global anti-epidemic injection of "CNS force."

CNS international cargo charter flight, opened a new page in the development history of CNS international air cargo, will further expand the company's cargo market owners, effectively stabilize the company's international industrial chain and supply chain.

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