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CNS staff birthday party 丨happy birthday!

CNS staff birthday party 丨happy birthday!


There is a corporate concern

Moisture is silent

Always quietly immersed in the heart

Must be a special fate

So I can walk along the way


On CNS INTERTRANS, there is always a special day

It is like a flower bud to be placed

A big bloom for the birthday employees

A thousand words of endless blessings

Its not as good as saying "Happy birthday to you"

Party birthday greetings

Give you a different experience

May you and the company go through every spring, summer, autumn and winter,

Reap the richest fruits of life.

Over the past year: because of your hard work, the company has been able to function normally;

Because of your selfless dedication, the company's performance will reach a new high;

On this special day,

All employees of the company sincerely wish you:

Happy birthday to you! Happy everyday!



Being able to work together is a fate,

Thank you for your hard work,

On your birthday,

On behalf of the company and all my colleagues, I wish you the best of birthday wishes:

Happy birthday and happy family!


The development of the company is inseparable from the hard work of every employee,

On your birthday,

On behalf of all my colleagues in the company, I wish you a happy birthday!

Thank you for your hard work and contribution to the company,

In the future, I hope you will make persistent efforts,

Let the company grow with you!

Thank you for giving the golden years and wisdom to the company,

The company has your hard work today.

Sincerely wish you: happy birthday!

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