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CNS staff birthday party 丨You are the struggle time, the most beautiful face

CNS staff birthday party 丨You are the struggle time, the most beautiful face


When I was young, birthdays were a family affair

There are mom and dad, there are cake candles

At school, birthdays are a get-together of classmates

There's camaraderie, there's cheer

However, after work we

Running around for a living

Often neglect this very meaningful day...

ut even if we forget

But still some people still remember

Because in the CNS

There is a special day every quarter

It is like a bud waiting to be laid

It's a big day for every employee whose birthday is every month

On this special day

There are no flowery words or romantic lines

Only happy laughter and company

Sincere wishes strung together

No flowers, no wine

But there is the most sincere blessing

It doesn't have to be complicated

But full of the company's caring for the staff

Let everyone feel the warmth of this big family

The birthday boys of this season are born in the beautiful late summer and early autumn

Their birthdays add another layer of joy to the harvest

Employee birthday party in q2 2020

Official opening

Every carefully prepared birthday party

Has poured into the CNS to the staff's kind care

And to the staff for a long time hard work and recognition

Delicious cake, bright laughter, such as flower smile......

Are vividly recorded on camera

Freeze in the memory of each employee.

Let's witness these warm and happy moments together.

Deep love is not as long as companion, love need not say much.

A cake, a symbol of a united collective;A small snack fruit drink, sweet and sour through a caring heart;The heart because of the collective and wonderful, the collective because of the heart and proud.

A collective birthday party, let us share the sweet and happy birthday, share the beauty of this life bloom!Here, happy birthday to all the birthday stars!I hope your wishes will come true!

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