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Ever Forward Reaches Baltimore as Voyage Resumes


Forty days after she departed, Ever Forward is back at the Seagirt Marine Terminal in Baltimore to begin the long-delayed voyage. After reloading the containers, the vessel will make her way back along the Chesapeake Bay starting later tonight toward Norfolk, Virginia before proceeding to New York, her final U.S. stop on this leg of the voyage.

TV news cameras were overhead at Seagirt today to capture images of the vessel as she began reloading the approximately 500 containers removed last week and moved by barge to Baltimore as the salvage team worked to lighten the vessel. During the operation, containers have been removed both from the port and starboard side stacks to maintain balance and an even keel to assist the refloating effort, but they represented only a small fraction of the vessel’s capacity of 12,000 TEU.

The containership got underway after undergoing an inspection earlier in the week during which divers and the U.S. Coast Guard confirmed that she had not suffered any significant damage. She had remained at anchor near Annapolis, Maryland since being refloated on April 17 before starting the trip north to Baltimore. She is now following her normal route, due to arrive in Norfolk on April 25 and New York on April 28 before proceeding to the Panama Canal. She is expected to return to China at the end of May and resume her normal rotation.

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