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Shipping LCL (1)

Shipping LCL (1)


What is a combination of boxes?

When more than two cargo tickets are assembled in one container, the cargo will be delivered separately at the destination container terminal or inland station.

Operational process

1. The shipper faxes the consignment slip to the shipees, the contents of which should be noted: SHIPPER, CONSIGNEE, NOTIFY PARTY, specific port of destination, number of pieces, gross weight, size, freight terms (prepayment, arrival, third place payment), name of goods, date of delivery, other requirements such as fumigation, customs declaration, inspection, etc.

2. The shipper allocates the ship according to the requirements on the shipper's consignment note and sends the notice of the allocation to the shipper. The ship's name, bill of lading number, delivery address, contact number, contact person, the latest delivery time and the arrival time will be indicated in the notice. The shipper is required to deliver the goods according to the information provided and to deliver the goods before the latest delivery time.

3. The shipper carries out customs clearance to ensure smooth shipment of the goods.

4. The shipper faxed the confirmation of the bill of lading to the shipper one day before shipment. Please confirm the return of the bill of lading as far as possible before shipment, otherwise it may affect the normal issuance of the bill of lading. After sailing, the shipped person issues the bill of lading within one working day after receiving the confirmation of the shipper's bill of lading and settles the related expenses.

5. After the goods are shipped, the trustee shall provide the agent information and two-way pre-allocation information of the destination port to the shipper. The shipper may contact the customs clearance and pick-up matters of the destination port according to the relevant information.

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