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Electronics Shipping | How do I send electronic products abroad?

Electronics Shipping | How do I send electronic products abroad?


Now people studying or working abroad are more concerned about a problem: how to send electronic products abroad? so..? Electronic products how to choose the right international express channels is very important! The following details are about electronics shipping.

Channels Of  International Electronics Shipping

First of all, DHL can only send electronic products with built-in batteries (such as iPhone, Huawei, iPad, etc.), but not electronic products with detachable batteries (such as DJI UAV, SLR camera, etc.). EMS channel cannot carry electronic products with batteries, so this channel need not be considered. Air transportation with batteries is strictly controlled. Items with batteries must provide relevant battery test certificate MSDS test report and battery declaration before they can be shipped. MSDS and correct battery declaration letter cannot be provided by themselves for general customers. Global shipping can prepare relevant documents for customers to ensure that customers can send items smoothly.

Packaging For International Electronics Shipping

First of all, the articles should be wrapped with several layers of shockproof materials (bubble film, pearl cotton), and the edges and corners should be paid special attention to. It is better to use Angle protection materials for further protection. If there is no Angle protection, waste newspapers can be used instead.Secondly, find a carton that is a little bigger than the product, with good quality and hard texture;After putting the items into the carton, fill the sides with waste newspaper to ensure that the items will not shake and bump in the carton during transportation.Take the above precautions and the goods will generally be shipped to the global warehouse without any problems.After the goods arrive at the global shipping warehouse, the professional packaging colleagues in the warehouse will check again whether the packaging is reasonable. If the packaging fails to meet the international transportation requirements, the packaging will be reinforced again or the outer packing will be changed.

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