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Precautions For Electronic Product Transportation

Precautions For Electronic Product Transportation


What should I pay attention to when Sending electronic products by international express or air?

Electronic products are common products in daily life, as well as products commonly transported by international express and air transportation.

However, electronic products, as electrical products and precious goods, can hardly be transported abroad smoothly and safely without special channels and professional operators.

So what should I pay attention to when Sending electronic products by international express or air?

Here are some of the things you need to pay attention to when shipping electronic products by international express or air. I hope that by understanding the content of this article, I can help you to successfully mail electronic products abroad.

1. Understand the characteristics of the item

There are many kinds of electronic products, such as mobile phones, laptops, tablet computers, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, and battery packs. To ship this kind of electronic product, we need to know the characteristics of the product, whether it is a built-in battery product or a pure battery product.The built-in battery product is the lithium battery inside the product. Pure battery products refer to battery-based products, such as charging treasure, mobile power supply, etc. In addition, we also need to know whether the item belongs to the brand product. Because of international electronic products transportation, customs of various countries are more sensitive to brand products, so special treatment is needed when shipping.

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2. Select the corresponding international express

Pure battery electronic products, mainly including separate lithium batteries, charging treasure, mobile power supplies and other items.Because this kind of goods transport risk is big, a passenger plane does not undertake.

We need to find DG flight which can accept dangerous goods before mailing.We can undertake UPS battery channel, fedex battery channel, the United States special line, European special line, Japan special line.

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3. Product packaging

Electronic products are usually of high value and easy to be damaged in transit. Therefore, before mailing electronic products, we should standardize the packaging of electronic products as valuables to ensure the safety of transportation. If you are worried about the transportation safety of the goods, you can also buy commercial insurance for the goods.

What should I pay attention to when Sending electronic products to international express? Electronic products sent to international express, need to understand the characteristics of the goods, and according to the characteristics of the goods, select the corresponding international express. In addition, electronic products are mostly valuables, pay attention to the packaging of items when mailing. If it is too expensive, you can buy commercial insurance.

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