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Basic elements of ocean transportation

by:CNS     2021-07-12
The basic elements of marine transportation 2021-06-20 17:37:161. There are three main types of marine transportation: cargo ships, passenger ships, and passenger and cargo ships. Cargo ships include general cargo ships, bulk carriers, refrigerated ships, oil tankers, container ships, ro-ro ships and barges. 2. Routes The sailing routes of sea vessels are divided according to the scope of the navigation waters, including coastal routes, offshore routes and ocean routes. According to the time and whether the port is fixed, there are regular and irregular routes. 3. Ports Ports are the nodes that provide the connection between ocean and land transportation. As a country's transportation channel or gateway, foreign trade is carried out through ocean transportation.There are many types of ports. According to the purpose of the port, there are commercial ports, military ports and safe ports (also known as midway ports) According to the nature of the goods, there are ordinary ports and professional ports; according to geographical location, there are bay ports, inland river ports, and estuary ports); according to national policies, there are domestic ports, international ports, and free ports; according to the difficulty of construction, there are Natural ports and artificial ports; according to the traffic connection between ports and hinterland, there are ports mainly for inland waterway communication, ports mainly for railway collection and distribution of goods, ports mainly for pipeline distribution, and transportation for roads or other transportation lines. The main port. Port measurement standards include: the number of ships entering the port within one year, the total tonnage of ships entering the port within one year, the total tonnage of commodities handled by the port within a year (i.e. the number of imported and exported commodities), the value of commodities handled by the port operations, The income of the port.
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