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Daily operation management problems in warehouse

by:CNS     2021-07-16
The daily operation management problems of the warehouse 2021-06-20 12:42:16 The daily operations of the warehouse are divided into general categories, which can be divided into two types: on-site operations and business operations. On-site operations include human warehouse operations, such as the inspection and shelf storage of human warehouse items; storage operations; sorting and stocking operations; outbound inspection operations, confirming the types and quantities of outbound items according to the outbound documents or outbound plans; packing and packaging Operations; loading operations, according to the trucks in different directions or regions, divide the goods and deliver the goods to the goods; circulation processing, labeling, boxing, bagging, etc.; inventory, check the book quantity and the physical quantity to grasp the accurate inventory quantity . Business operations include the update of the amount of person leaving the warehouse, the update of the inventory ledger when the person leaving the warehouse occurs and on the basis of inventory; the preparation of bills, the printing of bills such as packing lists, stocking details, and waybills; settlement processing, providing freight and storage costs , Operating expenses and other data. Daily operation management is a condition for the normal operation of warehouses. In fact, most of the work of warehouse management in Guangzhou Freight Company is daily operation management. The quality of operation management directly affects the efficiency of warehousing operations. In addition, warehouse business assessment issues, the application of new technologies and new methods in warehouse management, warehouse safety and fire protection issues, etc., are all involved in warehouse management.
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