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Do you know about global air cargo demand

by:CNS     2020-08-04
Take you understand the global demand for air cargo international air transport association ( IATA) On May 29, released its latest global air cargo market data. In April 2019, the global air cargo demand ( , by number of freight ton-km FTKs) Year-on-year decline in 4. 7%, and continued in January. Cargo demand trend year-on-year decline in freight volumes ( According to calculate the freight ton-km AFTK) Rose 2. 6%, which indicates that in the past 12 months, productivity growth exceeds demand growth. The international air transport association ( IATA) The latest global air cargo market data, according to a report this year, the global air cargo demand is not stable, and present a significant decline in. Britain withdrew the uncertainty of trade and the trade tensions between the United States and China to lower global export orders, which directly affect the growth of global air freight. Since September, the global export orders index show a negative, export weakness may lead to global air cargo demand growth to slow further in coming months. The international air transport association ( IATA) Juniac director general and chief executive, said in April this year the global air cargo demand fell sharply, and there are signs that the overall trend air cargo demand this year will also be negative. The negative factors influencing the air cargo demand growth this year, including global trade is abate, and affect the market confidence for the rising cost of air cargo trade tensions. Since the end of last year, airlines are trying to promote productivity growth, in response to a decline in global trade. All this means that the global aviation industry will usher in a year full of challenge. The government should eliminate trade barriers in order to promote economic activity. The international air transport association ( IATA) The latest global air cargo market data report analyzed the air cargo market all over the world. In April 2019, the asia-pacific region rose 7 airlines, air cargo demand. Cargo demand 4%, but this is the region for the sixth consecutive month of decline, the capacity of year-on-year decline in 0. 1% - Years. As the world's leading manufacturing and assembly center, the latest round of the us tariff measures could further for the economic climate and economic activities have a negative impact. North American airlines cargo demand rose 0. 2, 1% capacity growth. 5%. Affected by the global recession and the recent upgrade for trade relations between China and the United States, north American airlines cargo demand could fall further. European air cargo demand drop sharply compared to 6. 2% year-on-year increase in capacity. 4. 2%. Germany's weak economic growth to drag down the export orders weakened, and the back of the continuing uncertainty, it affected the air cargo market.
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