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Domestic shipping cargo information

by:CNS     2020-05-15
( A) 。 Check the shipper cargo should fill in the domestic cargo check book, and hold the unit introduction letter and personal identification card; Personal items should show people the effective certificate ( Such as identity CARDS, come, driving license, soldiers, passport, etc. ) 。 Check in living animals and plants must be completed in advance the health and quarantine and other related to transportation and formalities. Fresh perishable goods, animals, emergency handled formalities. Checked the government regulations limit the transportation of goods and subject to inspection and quarantine departments of public security and inspection of the goods, shall be attached valid certification. In order to ensure the safety of air transport, Chinese airlines staff shall have the right to ship goods safety checks to the shipper. ( 2) 。 Packaging and marking of the goods packing should be strong sound, light, conform to the requirements for the entire transport. Animals, fresh perishable goods, valuables, such as the special packing should comply with the specific requirements on all kinds of goods. Each package of the outer packing should be in details and the name of the shipper, consignee address, storage and transportation requirements, the original old logo must be cleared away. ( 3) 。 Size and weight of domestic transport packing for each package length, width and height shall not be less than the sum of 40 cm. Checked the largest volume, weight limit according to the model of the concrete using the route. Domestic cargo actual weight calculated by gross weight, unit in kilograms, less than one kilogram of calculated on a kilogram, more than a kilogram of mantissa rounding. Light bubble goods per 6000 cubic centimeters is equivalent to one kilogram computation. Freight to Angle, Angle of the following round. Each waybill minimum freight for 10 yuan. The shipper of goods, gross weight value in more than 20 yuan per kg, can deal with the goods declared value, in accordance with the provisions, pay the classes declare value surcharge. Declared value surcharge calculation methods: - declaration value ( The actual weight X20) X0. 5%. Each waybill statement value is generally not more than RMB 500000 yuan. ( 4) 。 Dangerous goods according to the State Council, the general administration of civil aviation regulations, domestic flight, in principle, don't carry inflammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic dangerous goods, etc. But meet the requirements of the international air transport, secondary packaging of radioactive isotopes, and by the international flights to transport the dangerous goods need to transfer to other domestic terminal, the outer packing is good, meet the requirements of the international air transportation can take advantage of the domestic flights to destinations, and the freight charges by 150%. Transport of specific procedures, rules and methods with China international airlines, please transport & other Special material transportation throughout room &; Perso el and airlines, Air China's contact phone number: 64562828. Domestic flights carrying not only cargo transport of dangerous goods. ( 5) 。 Escort the shipper of goods need special care for animals, the value of expensive goods, need to take protective measures in the process of transportation need specialist care, care to ensure the safety of the goods shall be sent to escort. Supercargo should contact the airport freight department in advance and then go to Chinese airlines ticket since buying the ticket. Escort the goods in advance shall be tonnage, airlines in China to send the goods within the time specified freight department checked formalities at the airport. Supercargo to check in on their own. Escort the goods such as damage or loss in transit, besides due to the faults of Chinese airlines, are responsible by supercargo themselves. ( 6) 。 Compensation of China international airlines charge domestic aviation risk of carriage of goods. When shipping the goods, the shipper shall in consignment book stated that the actual value of the goods. Such as the insured goods in transit damage, loss, the insurance company will compensate according to the insurance regulations. Most uninsured goods, China international airlines to assume the damages of RMB 20 per kilogram; For air transport declared value with declared value as the basis for compensation.
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