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Factors Affecting the Choice of Enterprise's Reverse Logistics Mode

by:CNS     2021-07-13
Factors affecting the choice of enterprise reverse logistics model 2021-06-20 14:38:21 When general enterprises choose a reverse logistics model, they should consider the following factors: (1) Enterprise scale and strength The scale and strength of the enterprise are the influence An important factor in the choice of reverse logistics mode. Generally speaking, large and medium-sized enterprises are relatively strong, involved in the production and sales of a series of products, have excellent logistics management talents, and have the ability to establish their own reverse logistics system, formulate appropriate logistics demand plans, and ensure logistics The quality of service; in addition, the original logistics network resources of the company and the distribution channels of Shangjing can also be used to expand the reverse logistics business. The Guangzhou-Ningde logistics line improves the efficiency of recycling and utilization, reduces costs, and improves the company's own market competitiveness. Small businesses are limited by personnel, funds, and management resources. It is difficult to improve the efficiency of logistics management, and it is difficult to effectively manage and operate their own reverse logistics system. The reverse logistics business should be outsourced to a third-party reverse logistics agency company. (2) The cost of implementing reverse logistics is a factor that cannot be ignored in reverse logistics management, and it is also a factor that affects the choice of reverse logistics mode by enterprises. If the company adopts the self-operated method, it needs to pay a higher cost for the reverse logistics business. This is mainly because these products usually lack standardized packaging and are uncertain, and it is difficult to make full use of the scale benefits of transportation and warehousing; another important The reason is that many commodities require manual classification, detection, judgment and processing, which inevitably increases labor costs. However, if the outsourcing method and joint operation method are adopted, the enterprise also needs to pay a certain recovery processing fee to the partner. In addition, there is the 'transaction cost' when the enterprise cooperates. This requires companies to measure the cost of various ways to their own companies from all aspects, so as to choose a lower cost operating mode. (3) The characteristics of the logistics of the company's products. Because the Guangzhou-Quanzhou logistics line is engaged in different industries, different industries have to consider different focuses, so companies in different industries should also have different models of logistics systems engaged in reverse logistics. . For example, companies engaged in the manufacturing and sales of conventional and relatively stable products are usually large-scale, so they should adopt a self-operated model. On the one hand, they should establish a professional logistics management organization to coordinate production to ensure the stability and stability of the upstream and downstream of the value chain. The stability of the company's production; on the other hand, because the raw materials used by the company and the production structure of the production are relatively stable, investing appropriate funds to ensure the standardization of each can improve the efficiency of the company's operation and can be used for a long time without production. Waste of resources. And if the company is engaged in the production and sales of volatile products, it can consider using outsourcing or joint operation when choosing a reverse logistics model, so as not to cause waste of manpower and material resources during the transformation, and it can also adopt ordinary professionalism. It is not strong, so as not to cause idle and fixed funds to be occupied. (4) Requirements for information feedback Reverse logistics information includes the quality, quantity, cost, etc. of recycled products. Different reverse logistics models have differences in the time and quality of information feedback. Timely and accurate feedback of product recycling information is very significant for companies to obtain first-hand information on product quality and characteristics, thereby improving product technology, extending product life cycle, and formulating reasonable production plans, saving resources and increasing profits. . When the enterprise chooses the reverse logistics mode, it can choose different reverse logistics modes according to the different requirements of the information feedback. If companies require timely product information feedback, they can consider choosing a self-operated model or an outsourcing model, otherwise they can consider a joint operating model. 1061
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