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by:CNS     2020-07-02
As regulations have changed in the freight brokerage industry, so have the opportunities for agents. The United States government has instituted new regulations that require firms to have a minimum $75,000 surety bond. As a result, many smaller brokerage firms no longer offer an agent program because they are going out of business. For industry trained freight agents and independent freight agents, this has been a cause for concern, but perhaps it should be viewed as an opportunity. As the smaller freight brokerage firms go out of business, their shipping customers still need to have their cargo moved. As a result, these shipping customers are either looking for another distribution solution, or looking for guidance from the freight agent that they have trusted for years. For many, losing a job can be a stressful life event. Being a freight agent though, is not an ordinary job. For established freight agents, and even those considering retirement, there is plenty of money to be made with smart independent distribution companies. While it is true that many smaller distribution companies are folding, there are still a great many that are thriving. This is because they have invested wisely, maintained stellar credit, and attracted extremely talented individuals into their freight agent programs. Government regulation over the industry is nothing new, and these changes where expected. However, unscrupulous freight brokerage firms have watched their credit ratings fall as a result of bad business practices. Now, they simply can't get the money they need to stay in business. While this is too bad for them, it is great for anyone looking for a new freight agent program. If you have found yourself in the position of looking for a new freight agent program with a distribution company, you will definitely want to consider the following before you sign anything: For freight agents looking for a freight agent program with a new distribution company, there are many opportunities available. This is especially true if you have an existing client base. Whether your current firm is going under, you are unhappy with your commission structure, considering retirement, or any other reason, it is a great time to be a freight agent!
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