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From the working content to air freight in the future how to improve to better serve customers

by:CNS     2020-08-18
From work content to air freight in the future how to improve to better serve customers air express from the job content is to accept customer commissioned transport of goods of a certain link or related to this link, involved in this work can be directly or indirectly to find forwarder to finish, to conserve capital. According to the different overseas agent. Forwarding agent is to point to in the field of circulation for cargo transport demand and transport providers offer a variety of transportation services business. They are oriented to the whole society service, is the bridge and the link between the owner and supplier capacity. China auto sports industry exposition, is sponsored by the China motorcycle sports association Asia the first motor sports show. 2015 motor sports exhibition held on December 11 to 13, Shanghai air freight company exhibition event logistics department is responsible for all of this exhibition booth, and as a unique event logistics service providers. Shanghai air freight company booth gallery is located in the core position, occupies 100 square meters, fully manifests the development in recent years, in the event of convention and exhibition outbound logistics services business results. General manager Zhang Miao to sinotrans to visit our booth, and watched the Shanghai air freight company exhibition promotional event logistics service. Shanghai air freight and the China motorcycle sports federation and many exhibition game operations management companies carried out extensive exchanges and further deepened the understanding and awareness of the convention and exhibition events industry, promote the Shanghai air freight logistics service in convention and exhibition events in the field of awareness, has been clear about the new cooperation mode and the development direction, has established the good relations of mutual trust cooperation with partners, and effectively promote the in-depth development of convention and exhibition events logistics services business.
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