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by:CNS     2020-09-12

You can order USPS Flat Rate packing containers on the USPS web site to be delivered to your door at no cost. If you're really delivery Priority , then there is no distinction in postage between 6 ounces and 9 ounces.

Labels should not wrap over the ends or edges, and all barcodes should face up in the identical course. For instance, First-Class Package service can only be used for packages underneath 15.999 oz; something over the burden limit have to be shipped with Priority Mail® service. Domestic Regional Rate Boxes A and B have 15 and 20 lbs limits respectively. You must use USPS-supplied boxes which might be branded with the USPS Flat Rate brand to ship by way of USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate. Make certain you’re not utilizing some of the different branded USPS packaging choices, for the reason that service level must match what’s on the field.

If you haven’t shiped it why don’t you cancel it and print a label with the proper postage. The different possibility is to take it to the PO and pay the additional postage on the counter. The last thing you want is in your package deal to reach to your customer postage due. If you drop the package deal off in person, the clerk will weigh it there and you'll pay for the extra postage. If you leave it for the provider or drop it in a box, one of two issues will occur.

Anything shipped in Priority Mail packaging requires a Priority Mail label. Also, ensure you place the label on the lengthy aspect of the box.

They will often catch this, which means it’s returned to you or the shopper is introduced with the bill, causing a VERY unhappy buyer. For these causes alone it’s not worth the miniscule financial savings, so it’s all the time finest to get it appropriate the primary time.

Let’s not forget sellers; a stamp can be utilized for ANY & ALL USPS delivery. The other was the USPS mistake where we measured the package at 6oz and it USPS measured it at 7oz.

In this case it was delivery First Class & beneath eight oz so the charge was the identical and their discover to us was moot . Please note this does not mean that it’s OK to put on too little postage.

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