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Heavy cargo ship

by:CNS     2021-07-05
Major cargo ships 2021-06-20 20:55:53 (1) Features of major cargo ships Major cargo ships refer to special general cargo ships with various special loading capabilities, such as semi-submersible ships, heavy lift ships, multi-purpose ships, rolling shipment. ① Heavy cargo ships have the advantages of fewer hatches, larger hatch sizes, and larger lifting loads. They can carry super-large special equipment, extra-heavy and extra-long pieces, such as drilling platforms, ships, locomotives and other cargo. ② General equipment, complete sets of equipment, heavy cargo, over-length and over-weight engineering and other cargoes have special requirements for their transportation. Because this kind of cargo has the characteristics of oversize, overweight, and irregular shape, it is difficult for ordinary container ships and bulk carriers to undertake transportation tasks, and only special general cargo ships with special loading capabilities can complete it. ③Although the current profit of heavy cargo transportation is relatively high, it needs to comply with the professional handling of heavy cargo. The technical requirements are much higher than that of containers. Therefore, few container liner companies dare to solicit the transportation of heavy cargo. ④Due to the small number of professional transport ships, there are still a large number of large pieces that are carried by multi-purpose ships or standard bulk carriers; but the real heavy pieces can only be carried by having 'super heavy booms, extra thick decks and special stability.' System' dedicated transport ship. (2) The load capacity of heavy cargo ships In the early 1960s, heavy cargo usually refers to equipment weighing about 60 tons, and by the beginning of the 21st century, heavy cargo generally refers to equipment exceeding 150 tons. At present, there are not many large cargo ships capable of transporting more than 1,500 tons; professional transport ships capable of loading more than 1,000 tons are even rarer. According to the current shipping practice, the shipper must sign a contract with the relevant shipping company 18 months in advance to book a space, so that the carrier can prepare professionally designed over-heavy load booms and reinforced decks in advance. Although land-based cranes or floating cranes are often used to help load and unload large sets of equipment, in accordance with international maritime practices and safe handling regulations, large-scale transport ships must have their own oversized booms so that they can set up their own vehicles in backward places in the port. Loading and unloading. For example, the ordinary ship's own boom of the American Jumbo company can load and unload 1600~1800 tons of equipment, and the load of each advanced carrier's own boom can exceed 1800 tons. 1287
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