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How to reduce the pet casualty rate in air transport ( Below)

by:CNS     2020-07-17
How to reduce the pet casualty rate in air transport ( Below) In march of this year, changsha citizens to Mr. Hu's a dog ran out of the cargo hold after landing, rushed to the tarmac. In order to ensure the safety of the flight, the airport staff to round up not succeed only to kill it. So how can reduce the pet casualty rate in air transport? A, prepared plenty of food and water in addition to ensure ventilation casing well ventilated, enough water and food for pets can also eliminate and reduce the possibility of an accident. Of course, if you in flight before feeding your pet, you must be appropriate to reduce the number of air travel during the stomach burden. In addition, in the air in the box to put some pet usually like snacks, so can be a distraction, eliminate the discomfort of pet on the surrounding environment, avoid the tense and ran out of the pet box. For short trips, pet drinking enough water is enough before shipping; However, if the transport time is very long, especially under the condition of the hot weather, pet easy to water shortage, so must be prepared to long-distance transportation to obtain sufficient water supply. Of course, almost all the flight case including water dispenser. Passengers can put full of water drinking machine in the fridge, then freeze into ice. When they get on the plane, they can be installed in the air? 吗? In the empty container. In this way, you don't have to worry about water turned over, pets can drink water, and reduce the damage for lack of water. In addition, the personage inside course of study says, although pet and master every day to play, but they also will not be pleased. Therefore, before the flight, the host must appease the mood of pet, don't beat them, avoid excessive anxiety in flight. When emotions out of control, the pet may be in after the plane to plane box and rushed out of his teeth, cause hidden trouble to the plane to take off and land, and threaten the life of their own. Second, make sure your pet healthy pet itself of the underlying disease is one of the main reasons for air transport of casualties. Therefore, before the entrusted the pet, the owner must ensure that his health, and there is no may cause of infectious diseases in the long flight, diarrhea or acute illness. Therefore, before the consignment is best to bring pets to the hospital to conduct a comprehensive inspection. In order to ensure the physical condition of pet for flight. Of course, it is better to conduct a comprehensive cleaning, on the one hand is for pet health and beauty, on the other hand is to ensure the safety of the place of other goods with pets. If your pet pregnancy, or did not deliver more than 48 hours, or are breast-feeding, so general airlines won't give you check in. Elderly pets also had better not to check in, so as to avoid accidents. Some pets have a carsick. If your pet has this problem, please contact the vet before flight, make sure it is suitable for flight, and then you can apply for pet boarding formalities, carsick medicine for him, and before the flight. Although the staff in the treatment of the consignment program will be brand hangs in the air box, but in order to avoid the loss of pet in the process of transportation, pet owners should be posted the last name, flight case, contact number, flight number and destination of the little pieces of paper. In this way, the pet with a layer of protection, in the event of accident, can connect the master as soon as possible. Take a direct flight, of course, without change, the possibility of pet was sent wrong address will be much smaller, the situation of the accident will be small.
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