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How to solve the holiday crunch caused by transportation

by:CNS     2020-08-05
How to solve the tight caused by transportation as the New Year holiday end do you have a lot of goods are piling up in warehouses to transport? So how to reasonable arrange transportation time, to ensure that your goods can arrive on time within budget. 1. Switch from sea to air, no doubt, if the time is not enough, air freight is your only option. The plane not only faster than ocean sailing speed? 吗? Much more, and there are many routes for you to use. This process usually takes about 15 days, and can't guarantee anything, so if you are interested, contact with your forwarder today, so that they can solve problems by the department of homeland security. 2. If money is a problem, let it become the local air maybe money is a problem. Ok, no problem, so let's take a look at your inventory, and determine which must arrive at the end of the year, and what can wait. Partial shipment may be a way, especially if your delivery deadline is non-negotiable. Don't let the holiday to let you down, because the last time the shipping delay curve ball sometimes. We can still help you ensure that your goods arrive on time, to meet the busiest time of the year. If you need help, please immediately get free quote or call! Air express 丨 ( /新闻)
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