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LCL cargo business process

by:CNS     2020-05-05
Different owners (such as ABC Consignor) The goods will be less than one container, LCL) Intersection spell operator consolidation operator will assembled into the whole case goods, LCL cargo to the shipping company to handle the whole case goods transport the whole case goods after shipment, issued by shipping company B/L or other documents ( Such as sea waybill) The operator to consolidation consolidation operator also issued their own bills of lading after loading the goods, 房子, B/L) To every owner's ( Consignor) Out of the operator to loading the goods and ship is expected to arrive at the port of discharge information such as told that their institutions (the port of discharge Agent) , and at the same time, will also B/L and House - liner company Copy of B/L and other documents to the port of discharge agent, so that to shipping company pick up the goods and to gain people including House - between delivery of the goods the owner to deal with B/L, the relevant documents of the handover of consolidation operator agent at the port of unloading by the bill of lading of the liner company to extract the whole case goods different owners (such as A 'B' C' The consignee) On the strength of the House - B/L in CFS extraction such as LCL cargo
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