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LCL should pay attention to the problem

by:CNS     2020-05-05
With the rapid development of international trade and transport service extends continuously, the LCL container transport is widely adopted, but different from the whole container transport, LCL transport transport requirement has its particularity, independence, will now some of the problems in the actual operation process was proposed and all join to discuss here. 1, LCL, 不到装箱、拼箱) Refers to the carrier, Or agents) Accept the shipper checked the number of less than full container freight receipts, according to the nature and destination for sorting. Put the goods to the same destination, to focus on a certain amount of assembled into the box. Due to a different inside the suitcase is the owner of the goods together, so called LCL. This kind of situation in the shipper checked shortage is used when filled with the whole case. The classification of the LCL cargo, sorting, concentration, packing ( Split open a case) , etc are in the carrier delivery port container freight station or inland container transfer station. LCL can be divided into straight spell or spell, straight spell refers to the goods in the same LCL container port, don't split open a case before cargo arrival destination port, the goods for the same port of discharge. Such LCL service delivery period is short, fast and convenient, general powerful LCL company can provide such services. Turn out is refers to the goods of the container is not the same port of destination, need midway unpacking the unloading or transshipment. Such goods for the port of destination is differ, for ship long time, so the shipment date is longer, even the freight is on the high side. 2, generally can't accept LCL cargo to specify a particular shipping company, shipping company will only accept full container cargo booking, rather than directly accept LCL cargo booking, it is only through freight forwarders ( Individual strength of ship company, through its logistics company) Will spell the LCL cargo to the shipping company booking space, almost all the LCL cargo is through the forwarder company 'office, centralization distribution to realize the transportation, LCL feeder port in east China basically for Shanghai. General freight forwarders because of the limitations on supply of goods, can only focus to several ship company booking, few can meet the demand of the designated shipping company, so in clinch a deal the LCL cargo, try not to accept the specified shipping company, in order to avoid when check it cannot meet the requirements. 3, clinch a deal in the negotiation with customer, should pay special attention to the related terms, in order to avoid each other in check after the l/c only to find that cannot meet the shipping terms. We often meet in daily operation L/C rules do not accept LCL cargo transport freight forwarders bill of lading, directly from a ship company does not accept LCL cargo booking, ocean bills of lading ship company is out to freight forwarders, and by the forwarder to issue HOUSE B/L to shipper, if L/C shall not accept freight forwarders B/L, so deal with the actual transportation when there is no choice, will cause the discrepancy of L/C. As another example, when handling the transport, we found an order stated: Goods must be shipped in container on LCL basis and Bill of Lading to evidence he same and to show that all LCL. 处理费用,THC和交付,港口卸货的费用。 From above, this paragraph of the text of the L/C as you can see, the consignee will be the cost of this shall be borne by him to pass on to the shipper, all this is when the trade negotiation shipper did not transport terms and conditions detailed negotiations with customers. 4, LCL cargo billing tons will be accurate. LCL cargo before delivery, should ask the factory to the goods weight and size of measurement to be as accurate as possible delivery to the forwarder designated warehouses, warehouse will generally to measure, and will be in charge standard to measure the size and weight. In case of the factory to change the packing, should be required to promptly notify the factory, don't wait for the arrival of the goods to the forwarder warehouse, through the forwarder feedback, the information is often time is very tight, then change according to customs declaration, it is easy to delay the customs clearance, or producing the urgent customs clearance fee and port fee, etc. 5, some port for LCL supply shortage, cause of the high cost, specializing LCL forwarder company to take goods cargo less minimum charge standard, such as the minimum is 2 freight ton, is less than 2 freight ton, and shall be measured at the two freight ton in charge. So the cargo is small, the partial cargo to consider when to clinch a deal to some of these factors, lest passive in the future. 6, for some of the routes and port is remote, and put forward to the customer delivery to inland point LCL goods, clinch a deal before signing the best advice, confirm with shipping company and forwarder company can undertake to deal with these remote ports and inland points delivery and related fees before signing. Around 7, to tie in with the 'wto', the customs of sensitivity and is protected by trademark property will focus on the inspection of goods. For goods involving intellectual property rights, should fill in the 'intellectual property declaration form' ahead of time, regardless of the brand, and whether the company or factory registered trademarks, or customer brand. Should be appropriate to the relevant preparation of a registered trademark of data or customer's authorization; For wide variety of goods, a ticket order in a variety of different types of goods, making should be a detailed list of all kinds of the name and the article number, do not use a general categories of commodity code, customs declaration will cause the customs of doubt, be found not in conformity with actual goods inspection, shall not release the trouble.
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