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LTL transportation accepts consignment

by:CNS     2021-07-03
LTL transportation accepts consignment 2021-06-20 14:44:38 Accepting consignment means that the carrier of LTL cargo based on the line, station, distance, transfer station, loading and unloading capacity of each station, nature of the cargo, and transportation restrictions within the scope of operation Wait for business rules and relevant regulations to accept less-than-carload goods and go through the consignment procedures. Acceptance of consignment is the primary link in the operation of LTL cargo transportation. Due to the many sites of LTL transportation routes, various types of goods, different packaging shapes, and different properties, the acceptor must be familiar with the lines, stations, transport distances, transit areas, station loading and unloading capabilities, physical and chemical properties of the goods, and transport within the scope of operation. A series of business rules and related regulations such as restrictions. 1. Prerequisites for accepting consignment 1) Announce the routes, stations (including intermodal and transit stations), schedules and mileage rates for handling LTL. 2) Post shipping instructions, packaging requirements and restrictions on shipping. 2. Methods of accepting consignmentsWhen accepting consignments, different acceptance systems and methods can be adopted according to the number of accepted parts-cargo goods, transport distances, and station operation capabilities, such as anytime acceptance system, pre-approval system, calendar carrier system, etc., or site acceptance, Door-to-door reception, appointment reception, etc. Accept the system at any time. The anytime acceptance system has no specific regulations on the consignment date. During business hours, the shipper can improve the quality of transportation services. ④Conducive to simplifying transportation procedures and reducing expenses. ⑤ Conducive to improving the relationship between production, transportation and sales, and optimizing the allocation of resources. 2) Establish LTL transportation agency stations. LTL cargo has the characteristics of sporadic, scattered, large variety, small batch, and wide flow. LTL cargo transportation companies can set up freight stations and points by themselves, or they can also set up LTL transportation agency stations jointly with other social departments or enterprises. In this way, both Increasing the density of LTL transportation sites can effectively use social resources, reduce enterprise costs, and make up for the lack of capital and human resources in the development of enterprises. The prerequisite for the establishment of LTL transportation stations is extensive market research. Only through careful investigation and analysis can we understand the supply of goods and establish a LTL transportation network in a targeted manner. 3) Entrust social-related enterprises to act as agents for LTL transportation business. LTL transportation companies can also entrust units such as cargo intermodal transport companies, grocery packaging companies, post offices and other units to act as agents for LTL transportation acceptance business, and use social resources, that is, the existing facilities and marketing network of these units to obtain a relatively stable supply of goods. The principal-agent relationship is an effective management model in the modern market economy. This model can fully mobilize the economic resources of all aspects of the society and will be beneficial to the reconfiguration of the economic resources of LTL transportation. On the one hand, it can expand the commodity turnover of intermodal companies, grocery packaging companies, post offices and other units; on the other hand, it facilitates shoppers, expands their own LTL sources, and achieves a win-win situation for corporate and social benefits. 4) Hire freight information liaisons to establish a supply intelligence network. If you hire a freight information liaison at a material unit that has a relatively stable LTL source, you can grasp the source information at any time, and organize the entire vehicle source.
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