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Northeast Asia airport air cargo hub is going to building

by:CNS     2020-08-20
Air cargo hub in northeast Asia is going to building the airport yesterday morning, the 7th friendly airport, President of Beijing global BBS held in the capital airport, just put the daxing became a hot issue in the meeting at the airport. Airport xue-song liu, general manager of capital airport group, according to the building will become the air cargo hub in northeast Asia. Xue-song liu said, at present, the global air cargo market demand remains strong, especially in northeast Asia, overall demand greater than supply. Operation of daxing international airport will greatly add civil aviation resources, release the market capacity of the market in northeast Asia. In the next few years. Will be the development of northeast Asia to the global other area hot line of the important period of strategic opportunities. Xue-song liu said that by 2025, air passenger demand will reach 2 of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region. 400 million. The success of the daxing international airport operations will greatly promote China and the world. Particularly clear on the countries and regions. With & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Related areas, to the international political, economic and cultural exchanges to provide effective protection. For example, Beijing daxing international airport will open and Morocco casablanca, bandar seri begawan, brunei direct flights between the Kathmandu, Nepal. Increase the flights from Beijing to Paris, daxing airport will focus on creating transfer capacity at the same time, increase the regional connectivity, meet the demand of passenger travel, air passenger market multilateral mutual benefit business. In the future, daxing airport will also be freight hub of northeast. Xue-song liu said that in recent years, the capital airport is restricted by the shortage of resources, and stopped all new cargo route. Passenger volume has more than 80% of the total traffic volume, freight has become inadequate. Daxing international airport after put into operation, will fully promote beijing-tianjin-hebei region air cargo support ability and service ability. Significant release of the development of China's civil aviation market potential, and is expected to become important air cargo hub in northeast Asia. By improving aviation services, optimize the industrial layout, promote economic development of the airport, it will support the development of beijing-tianjin-hebei, and male AnXin area, promoting regional economic transformation and upgrading, service for global trade. Deputy director of the civil aviation administration Lv Erxue introduction, in comprehensive transportation system, the civil aviation proportion reached 32. 8%, achieve 3 passengers. 200 million. Newly released action program for the new era of civil aviation power construction, points out that by 2035, China's transport airport will reach 450. Travel times will reach 1 per capita, the airport passenger throughput will reach 3 billions of passengers, make scale in the world. According to the international aviation association predicts that China's civil aviation passenger throughput will be around 2025 more than the United States. On January 5, from the Beijing municipal government, Civil Aviation Administration of China, five international industry group, 22 international airport, 19 domestic and regional airports, 17 nearly 300 representatives of the Chinese and foreign airlines came together, around, green peace, wisdom, humanities the airport construction four dimensions to communicate and exchange.
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