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Perception of international aviation and international express delivery

by:CNS     2020-08-04
Perception of international aviation and international express international tell you for international aviation and international express delivery, we subconsciously think that they should be the same thing. Let us look into it carefully some of the difference between international express, international air. 1. Different applicable objects less than 45 kg of small batch goods usually adopt international express. More than 45 kg batch goods usually by the international air transport. 2. Transport the body of the main international air transportation is the major airlines and shipping companies, such as Air China, Singapore airlines, shenzhen airlines, northwest airlines in the United States. Through these international airlines freight company will you want to check the transport of goods to the specified destination. The main body of international express is mainly express company, such as the China post EMS, DHL sinotrans, the United States UPS UPS, FEDEX federal express and other international express company. 3. Content different international air freight service: shipper delivery to the airport, destination consignee or its agent at the airport warehouse, customs clearance, delivery, no tariff packages. International express delivery, express company LAN, customs declaration and clearance, package delivery, no national tariffs. 4. Aging without international express: 3 - in normal circumstances 5 days. International air freight, the flight is normal, space arrangement smoothly, if it is direct, arrived in one day; If you want to transfer, is generally 2 - To 4 days. The aging speed is mainly composed of the efficiency of the transportation company and strength, the airport flight schedule and destination customs clearance speed. 5. Track the way different international air cargo: use the bill of lading number on the airline's website or through the freight company has its own website. With international express, international express company to provide the waybill number on the Courier company website query. 6. File documents require different international air freight: normally need to provide customs declaration a power of attorney, export customs declaration form according to, invoices, packing list and certificate of origin and customs clearance documents, basic every vote should be a formal declaration. International express: usually a lot of cargo customs clearance, together go express customs clearance channels, only need a copy of the invoice, customs declaration formalities easier. If the goods is also provide commercial invoice and customs declaration, special cargo shall provide the other documents. 7. International air freight claim method: if there are damage to the goods, the first track is the responsibility of the liability of the carrier or agent. No matter which side the responsibility of all compensation according to the regulation of the Warsaw convention, or in accordance with the terms of air waybill, points on the back of the waybill to compensate, generally according to the chargeable weight to calculate the compensation. International express: if the recipient find package, damaged goods less problems, can be a visa. From the shipper to take about a month from the date of the, in written form to the shipper and the destination countries express company feedback or file a claim.
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