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Port of import and export volume

by:CNS     2020-05-02
1. Port of import and export volume and box type at present, the imbalance in the world almost all the liner route exists due to the carriage of goods by seasonal change and the volume of trade routes on both ends of the country or region caused imbalance of cargo flow imbalances. In terms of seasonal variation, carriage of goods by western countries usually at the beginning of this season, four volume gradually rise in May, trade number began to increase; In terms of routes, east Asian countries such as China's exports to Europe, far east north American routes, there are significant problems. Moreover due to the great differences in the types and properties of import and export goods and freight and handling charge standard, the import and export box of imbalance. 2. Port container turnover slow turnover period mainly depends on the turnaround time storage period and inland ports. Due to port area inland transportation capacity is low, container inland cycle for a long time; In addition due to poor circulation, management factors make container transport documents handover procedure complications caused by the shipper not suitcase in time to take seriously and port of the closet. All of these affect significantly the turnover of the container. For this purpose, the liner companies in order to meet the demand of the owner of the box and ensure shipping date, had to empty containers from neighboring port or area dispatching. 3. Container leasing contract requirement for hire place due to the port of the box and the import and export volume of imbalance, make a box source distribution is not reasonable. To avoid or pay for rent box people in container after the expiration of the loss caused by a lot of backlog region, strict rules on the container in the container leasing contract of location and cost of return. Of return cost varies from place to place, from dozens to hundreds of dollars. Therefore, container leasing people when the lease shall be to ship container leasing to build down specified location or the cost of return is lower; Otherwise, to build down container leasing companies pay high cost. 4. XiuXiang expenses and XiuXiang requirements for container repair costs and the liner companies around the different to XiuXiang requirement, liner company for reasons of economy or quality, to ship container to repair cost is low and the technical level is higher, near the port of repair shop repair. Such as container and mechanic prevailing in Japan for about $35, and only three in our country. 2 ~ 3. Five dollars; Besides foreign some workshop of fiddling repair project, don't make the phenomenon such as container repair quotation according to the facts.
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